Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Since the forums are borked, a preview of my new anime sims!

Since I can't get to the forums at the moment, which isn't usual. *rolls eyes* I decided to go in CAS and make 2 anime sims for my new comp.
Miyuki Sato
Cute shy type and aprentice to Ryo Tadashi. Madly in love with Ryo, but keeps it a secret hoping he will notice her someday. She is also clumsy and a bit of a air head. Often gets yelled at for doing orders wrong. She can be seen around town in school girl type clothing with lots of ribbons and bows.

Ryo Tadashi
A arrogant inventor who enjoys tinkering with things. He has a bit of temper, charming, hansom and is looked as somewhat mysterious in his village. Despite this, he has gotten many marriage proposes to his dismay. He is very devoted to his work though and often is blind to things around him (his appretice's loving stares mostly). Can be seen around the village wearing esscentric clothes and a top hat. He also mysteriously has fangs.

Note: I would of gave him a top hat, but have to change his hair. :/ Eventually I will.

Now for a banner! Photoshoot time! :D Oh and I will upload them later. Kinda waiting for the fourms to come back for me first. >_<


  1. I absolutely LOVE Ryo, he looks so cool ^_^

  2. Thanks you! The new set really inspired me! :P


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