Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vidkid20 Customs- New Blog!

All my best cc and sims in one place! Left a few sims out, but pretty much everything there. I will keep you updated here, but I will now be posting the actual download links there! Also I will keep all the stuff I have here already posted, so don't worry about links being broken! *cough cough MS3B* ;) This will just be a place where you easily download stuff and not have to go through bunch of rambling post.

P.S. I have no idea what kinda banner I want for it. >_<

Comment of the day!


laughing smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another blog for my sims and stuff? Also some thoughts...

I feel like stuff is getting overlooked, because this blog seems attract drama. I'm really get sick of people wanting cause me grief when I haven't even done anything to them. I have been minding my business talking with friends, making things, and keeping to myself. Now I can't even chat with anyone on here! The main purpose of this blog. Anyway, I've been wanting make a blog for my cc and sims. I might do that today and slowly add my stuff from here there. Still thinking about it. I'm bit tired today, so we'll see.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My c-box...

I would like to apologize for all the idiots in my c-box today impersonating me. I swear I was minding my own business and then they just pop up posting nasty, horrible things! They even ran away two of my guest! I'm so piss right now! This is not funny and I'm not laughing one bit! If you want my ip, then I will it provide for you. That was definitely not me! These individuals are sick and pathetic!

Note: If you do not confess on this blog or AE, the authorities will be getting in touch with you. This is harassment/cyber stalking! You have 24 hours!

Update: The c-box is gone. You can read why in the space the c-box was. You may contact me through other means. Right now I'm being stalked, so I can't really say. No joke! Really I am. I ban him, he comes back on another ip. Won't go away. Anyway, my friends know where they can contact me. Some may not, but I will inform you the best I can. Thank you.

Do want your blog link here? Tell me!

I keep stumbling upon blogs and my list getting pretty long! Tell me if you want your blog added here. ^_^ Might add a page for that on the side! I do tend to forget to check the pages on side, so I might not.

OT: I hope my latest makeup gets on MS3B. I'm not scared of no stinking anons! Grr! :-P

Update: Will be shooting pics for the story today!!! Sorry for the delay!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Atten contestants! Don't forget Vanity!

The due date is Wednesday and will probably be extended, because we still need 3 people to turn in entries!

This is just a reminder! The thread seems like a ghost town, so I'm little worried! >_<

NEW makeup! My best to date! Unique Eyeliner and Blush!!!

Now in .package files!!!! Can be recolored!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Makeup and it's the weekend!

Someone asked for a close up!
Anyway, I'm fustrated that I can't make my first makeup recolorable. I'm reading how to do it, but it's not that easy. *sigh*

Ok, now just a reminder: On weekends, I take a break from blogging now. Update the story Monday and post whatever comes up!

Have a good weekend! ^_^

Update:  A recolorable version coming soon! Looks best in black, but I will make recolorable version if you want. Anyway, I figured it out!

Update 2: The mask loses the lace effect when colored, so I might make another version later down the road!

Lace Mask Makeup- Download *updated- Now in .package*


I made makeup!!!!!! *Runs around screaming* (screenshots)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Slow week...

I'm a bit under weather today. Yesterday was the same. I'm shocked I got scores up for Vanity, with how I was feeling yesterday. I'm just going take it easy for the rest of the week if you guys don't mind. ;) If I think of something to post about, then I will pop in. Ttyl

P.S. I did get to update my other blog. That was easy though. Upload. Copy and paste. xD

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Want to be a judge or guest judge? Comment here!

I need guest judges for Vanity Cycle 1, which is on it's 5th assignment (going on the 6th). Anyway, if you would like guest judge before the cycle ends, comment.

Now I'm not sure if I will have the same judges for Cycle 2, but if you want judge Vanity Cycle 2: The male model search, comment.

-Must be dependable and available
-Must have some experience with modeling competitions
-Must be able to give constructive criticism
-Must be able to me give your email for scores

Now just because you comment, doesn't guarantee you the job (especially for Cycle 2). Just seeing who's interested.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Woah, woah EA!

Noooooooooo! The forum is crap, but I can't buy overprice virtual items tonight?! My life will never be the same! *falls over and sobs*
1sm067eyeroll Pictures, Images and Photos

In other game news....

Another one already?! Squeeeee! I'm totally addicted this game, even though I miss Phoenix badly! I'm sure Darkslayer will take interest in this. Hehe!
Going play the first one now, actually. Laterz!

For Love of Roxy: Episode 3- Fights, hookers, and a guitar player?

Note: My game was being very random last night! Had fun with this one! Enjoy! ;)

Shane awoke starving! He then went off to fix himself something!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Good news!
Congrats Congratulations Smiley Confetti Smilie Smilies Smiley Smileys Icon Icons Emoticon Emoticons Animated Animation Animations Gif Gifs Pictures, Images and PhotosSmiley Big Hug Pictures, Images and Photos
I like posting about good news and this awesome news! So talented!

Also welcome back Metalz!

Jarsie, do us a favor! STFU!

Jarsie...shut up!  
You would of thought she learned her lesson last time and stayed clear of Sarah's threads! Well, she wasn't start of it. *cough cough Lolzers, pugger64* They did admit they were rude, but still...stop harassing her! If you see her name, skip her post if it bothers you so much and save her the headache! Especially you Jarsie!

I'm back!

Ok, I know I'm not the most love blogger out of simming community now. I'm not asking to be and I know for a fact that I will always have my critics. That's life! The people who are still left, thank you. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back in the saddle again! Tomorrow!

You miss me yet? Nooo??? :-( Sorry, well we have to change that will we? :-P

LOLCAT Pictures, Images and Photos

A few blog changes to announce and much more! Stay tune! 

P.S. Paco don't forget Vanity or I will unleash basement cat on you! 

Friday, September 17, 2010

I have something to say to a few people before I seriously take off!

First off, I would like to apologize for all the angry outbust yesterday. I am human, but right now think everyone has forgotten that. Anyway...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm done. This blog will remain up, but no more. I'm sorry!

I will not be updating this blog anymore. I will do comps, but that's it. I can't take it anymore. I never wanted to be look at as a bitch or horrible person, but right now that's what most think of me. I'm sorry, but I'm done. I'm serious this time. So many drama queens and shit stirring people. I don't want be involve in that kinda mess anymore. I'm sorry I let you down, I'm sorry I didn't turn out to be the person you wanted me to be. I'm sorry for everything. I might make another blog, but it will be nothing like this. I just don't know right now.
I guess this is goodbye.

I'm beginning to wonder if I wore out my welcome...

I don't like what simming community turning into. I''m  beginning to see people I cared about in whole another light. Drama happening all the time now. I can't even defend anyone without being looked as a scumbag. I delete my post as in bowing out of it and then I'm suddenly ashamed of what I typed?! Of coruse I got angry, because people should know better. I'm getting angrier everyday with people who should know better! I'm not perfect, but I'm finding a lot these arguments are pointless. I don't like the tension either. Maybe it's time to take a break? Soon, I will I think.

If you comment just to tell me off, then expect it to be ignored and even deleted.


I'm sick of the sim community right now and I deleted any post involving the latest blog drama. Happy? Now piss off and STFU!

P.S. Im not ashamed of anything I post and if you want me to retype my thoughts personally to your blog I will. Ask a certain someone. I even kept one post just for proof! Anyway, have a nice day! :)

Hipiedippie, noooo! Not my Hipiedippie!

Hipiedippie has been perma-banned!
EA SUCKS Pictures, Images and Photos
Noooooooo! *sobs*
Reason? They didn't give her reason, but...
Yet, Jarsie sexual comment can be deleted and she doesn't get a slap on the hand for it? Double standards anyone?

Update: She's back!

By the way....

If I happened to get hooked up in this Mare vs. Fury mess, don't count on me to reply. This one fight I do not want get into. Like duck and cover! I said my opinion and that is all I have to say. I'm bowing out. You may blog and say whatever you want, but I'm not replying to it. If I have to I will avoid this blog and blogs like the plague. I almost regret posting what I did, but oh well. Anyway I'm already tired and stressed out, I don't need all this.

Thanks. Comments off.

P.S I still think this has gone way to far and shouldn't been brought up in the first place. I think all of this a waste of time. As I said almost regret posting what I did. Actually I really don't in a way! Just tired of drama.

Update: Looks like I'm hooked up in it anyway. Well, if mention anymore of this will be my decision over next few hours.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Modified Beauties Assignement 1 Results!

Roxy can feel her heart breaking as the rain starts coming down and the wind blows. She tries to act as nothing as happened, as if her boyfriend never dumped her, but it hits her! 5 years for nothing! She starts to cry as her umbrella drops out of her hand. She can't bring herself to pick it up and to walk on despite the danger that could be lurking among the dark streets. She can't live without him, she frozen in pain. All alone she cries and cries in the rain. Will she ever love again?

Vidkid with Roxy
Quality of the photo: 7/10
Capture of the assignment: 8/10
Creativity: 9/10
Overall photo: 24/30
Judges Comments: Very nice subject. the Umbrella was perfect, as well as the rain.

Quality of the photo: 10/10
Capture of the assignment: 9/10
Creativity: 9/10
Overall photo: 28/30
I liked your story! Just make sure everything is spelled correctly. The lighting for the shot was spectacular. Your picture was very dramatic and I was stricken with awe!

The typo queen strikes again! >_< (I fixed the typos by the way for here.) Oh, well. Was in a hurry. I'm not very good with editing either, so I don't know how long I will last. I don't have photoshop for one thing. If I go to staples to buy ink for my printer I might take a chance to buy a cd for editing pics. Always good to have and I like editing pics. I think I did do great job putting the umbrella and trash can in. I was so proud of myself that night. lol
Well going to work on assignment 2 now. Wish me luck!

Monday, September 13, 2010

*Breaking news* Vidkid20's Sim lair awards has their Troll of the year already!

Troll of the year!
You trolled so hard,
You are the troll of the year!

We wonder where you came from,
we wonder if your human,
why on earth are you here!
Troll of the year!

You sunk so low
You make us ill
OMG, leave the forum you thoughtless twit
Troll of the year

You look to start trouble
You are a fame whore,
well here is your fame
Troll of the year

No wonder Mare bashes you
I can't beleive you, 
picking on the ill
you are troll of the yeeeeaaaar!

Actual picture of Jarsie accepting her award:
Ugly Troll Pictures, Images and Photos

Now please crawl back in the hole you came from, you horrible woman! When you pick on the ill, that is when you gone too far for me! I've lost the tiny respect I had for you now! Go away you old hag!
Thank you Mare for the screenshot. Didn't think you would mind if I borrowed it!

P.S. Everyone in that thread that joined in with the attack should be ashamed of themselves. Truly disgusting!

Time for my pop culture ramblings! The VMAs to me!

Am I the only one with this problem?

I'm debating on buying Late Night now, because of the new patch. I really want it, but I'm scared when reinstall everything.... yes, everything! *crys* I will still get that incompatible shit! I have tried everything. I feel like people think that I haven't and I must be doing something wrong. I feel like have done everything to the best of my abilities. I really don't feel like I should become a computer programmar just to get my game updated in the first place and I have really tried. It's really just fustrating, because I feel so alone in this and truly hate the fact that I can't figure it out. :-/ Well I'm going try not think about till LN comes out, but I really don't understand why nothing is working and how EA can completely ignore their customers when clearly the patch is conflicting with people games.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

For the Love of Roxy- Episode 2

Day 2
Roxy: I wonder if Shane is up?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The story continues I promise!

If you have read the post before this, you know I've been busy and frustrated. I'm going try having new episode of Roxy up before tonight is over. Wasted a lot time today. :-/

Update: Tomorrow. Just finish playing! :D

Patch this EA!

Warning: This a rant full curse words and build up fustration from trying to get the new patch to work. You have been warned!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wake me up plz!

this is my bed Pictures, Images and Photos
Today I am exhausted for some reason! Another epidsode of "For the Love of Roxy" tomorrow and other stuff if anything blog worthy happens. Hopfully I'm more awake then. In the meantime...*yawns and falls over on pillow*

Vanity Cycle 2 coming soon! Still planning!

I just shot the title pic for the next cycle! Squee! Now I need get through cycle 1 first! The next assignment is one my favorites! Hehe! I can't wait! Anyway, Cycle 2 is little harder to plan, as it's all guys this cycle. My modeling shows I get inspration from are mostly dominated by women fashion, so it's not that easy as I thought. I'm getting it together though. Lets hope it works out! *crosses fingers*

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My story so far....Feedback please!

I would like to hear what you think! My first story that I'm actually going continue and I'm a little scared that it sucks. Comment and you will get a virual cookie! Here is lolcat, because they are awesome!
LOLCat Pictures, Images and Photos
Please comment under the actually story/episode 1 by the way! I would perfer it! :)

For the love of Roxy- Episode 1

Roxy: So this is the dump I'm living in for how many sim days?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New possible story? For the love of Roxy! (Prologue)

When we last left Roxy, she was posing for the camera!
Now I have decided to give her the fantasy of most woman!
The dream of having her pick of two smexy suitors! By her facial expression, I think she likes!

Yazzie, I made your shirts!

I made you a shirt and tank! You can recolor it. Wasn't sure what color green you wanted and I wanted the letters to show good.

Hope you like it! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nvm! Don't update!!! Whatever you do!

Warning: Used a few bad words!

It's fucked up my game! Wouldn't let me pass the launcher. Kept saying error! I had to go to system restore to get it back like it was!  Then I go the tech forum and see this:
All that for a patch! Then what if doesn't work!? Hell no! Not going do it! Not till late night, when I have to!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Blog crap and stuff!

 First off, Mare you are very welcome! :-P

Second, I'm thinking about removing the ipod on the side to make room for my long blog list. It's being a pain anyway. If you will miss it, tell me!

Third, I should be making Yazzie a shirt! *runs off to make it* Sorry.

Forth, Vanity Cycle 2, the male model edition is being planned! :-)

My first edit pic for Modified Beauties, Assignment 1!

I have messed with the lighting and contrast before, but never really edit a pic before! I'm quite please with it! Was kinda fun actually and want to experiement more! I can't wait for the next assignment! :-D

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thank you MS3B! Yep, read the post!

I emailed Joe just recently and he gave explanation to as to why he removed my shirts. I wasn't expecting a email back so fast.

"I remove some things when people are being nasty to newer creators for no reason. Everyone has to learn somewhere, right?"

That's not whole email, but that was very nice of him! I have apologize for getting so upset! It won't happen again as learned to take the good criticism instead of the bad! I'm glad emailed him. Just wanted you to know that! :-)


Damn you Bieber! No fair for me today!

I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER Pictures, Images and Photos
This little snot ruined my plans for me today! He is at our state fair for a "performance" and basically the news said that might as well stay home if your not going to the fair to see him, because the traffic and crowd are going be insane! So here I am! Damn him!
 Fun fact: Usher is the one that found and gave this annoying child a record deal! Yes, Usher! I hate you for this Usher! I lost all respect for you! Damn you! I can't get away from this little twerp! Lehdkat, where is the hell is your siggy when I need it?!

P.S. If all goes well, I'm going tomorrow! On the last day! Ugh! I hate going on the last day!

A preview for shirts I made, before head off to bed!

The picture acts funny when doing female shirts. The tank especially! Kinda frustrating! If a certain someone wants any changes, just tell me! :-) Will upload the two with words also! If have time tomorrow/today (1am) I'll start work on Yazzie's shirts. Going be busy tomorrow and tell you why if have time to post about it! Goodnight!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm little late, but the latest scam and its not EA!
Head over to the Grumpy toast to read all about it! Every blog seems to blogging about it.

LE found some info on this new paysite as well.

Paysites are bad enough, but creating a paysite to put the money in his own pocket is just as low as you can get!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Busy doing scores!

Well we all know how long it takes me to do comp scores, so I don't know what else I'm going be able to post today. I'm waiting on two of my judges at the moment. Going add up the scores I received from one my judges. Anyway once I'm done that and while I waiting on the other two I might play my game. If I don't update, sorry.

Also I'm working on the shirts that a certain someone requested. They are finished, but just need to see how they look in CAS!
-Vid <3

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Roxy Mayhem- New Sim download!

Many thanks to Zeri for the name!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Name this sim folks! (also a preview of my next sim)

I been wanting to make a crazy punk type sim and I have no name for her! I'm pretty bad with names. Name her and I shall give you credit! You can do both first and last if you want! ^_^

A shirt request! Lestat from Queen of the Damned! *Preview*

This just preview for the person who asked for this shirt. I'm not entirely happy with the picture. Might try messing with it some more. Tell me what you think and be honest.
P.S. I might do another version of the other Interview with A Vampire shirts.

Ahoy, EA! I'm not buying ye Barnacle Bay!

ARRR! EA drank to many bottles of rum and charging for worlds now? I can find a free and better version of this on CAW I bet! How many want to bet that someone will pirate this? *snickers* I hope so. ;-) As EA...
kitty Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh you haven't killed me off yet! I'm still here you little pricks!

*Gets up and dusts self off*
I'm baaaacccckkkk!
*Warning: Rant= bad words*
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