Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For Love of Roxy: Episode 3- Fights, hookers, and a guitar player?

Note: My game was being very random last night! Had fun with this one! Enjoy! ;)

Shane awoke starving! He then went off to fix himself something!
Roxy: Good morning! Hehe, can't wait for our lunch date!
Shane: *mumbles* Huh, Lunch date?
Shane, then went off to dress up for the date!
Shane: Well not really hungry, but  guess I can fit it in!
Kalvin: Woohooo! A date! I'm picking the place!
*Shane: What he say?*
Roxy: It's group date dummy!
Kalvin: Aha, can't wait you to show you my romance skills, Roxy!
*Shane: Um...it's a group date you idiot.*
Well when they got there, it was pretty crowed!
Shane: May I ask, how the hell he get to pick the place?
Roxy: Well he said he's good at picking out resturants, since he use to be 5 star chef!
Shane: And you beleived him? I can't even hear myself talk, it so crowed.
Kalvin: Well the newpaper said it's the best resturant in town, so maybe that's why.
Shane: This? Well it is Twinbrook! *sigh*
Roxy, then got up and changed into regular attire.
Roxy: Well I'm going to the bathroom while you two argue about resturants. So lame.
But then something random things happen...
Kalvin: Those two women are fighting!
Women: Don't you mess with my man again!
Shane: Why, do I feel like I'm in a episode of Jerry Springer?!
Women: What's are you looking at?
Kalvin: Er...nice outfits?
Shane: Now see, if you were really a 5 star chef we wouldn't have to go to such trashy resturant you fake! Your fault she's pissed at us!
Kalvin: Oh really!?
Guitar guy still playing! 0_0
Kalvin: Ouch, I'm tired of fighting. Where's Roxy?
Shane: That's because you lose everytime!
Roxy: *burps* All you can eat buffet equals win! What the hell are those two doing and who's that guitar guy?
Kalvin:*wispers* Um..is it me or is she looking fuller than usual?
Shane: Um....no comment.
Roxy: hmm..I wonder what tomorrow special is?
Don't worry Roxy will be back in shape by next episode! lol
Stany tune! :D


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