Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Woah, woah EA!

Noooooooooo! The forum is crap, but I can't buy overprice virtual items tonight?! My life will never be the same! *falls over and sobs*
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  1. It's like they don't realize that we don't give a crap about their maintenance schedule. The only time I ever go to the Store is for the freebies at the beginning of the month.

  2. Instead of giving the store [which is NEVER broken] maintenance, how about they fix the REST of the piece of shit site?!

  3. I spent the free 1000 points when the game first came out and I've never gone back since! I sadly haven't even bought any EPs I keep buying more important things lol

  4. @AE My whole point of posting this. They have some nerve! The store works better than the whole site!

    @Metalz They do have some nice sets! A certain site carries them too for $0! Hehe. The loud, clash and The Haute set is really nice. :)

  5. Mkay, Vid....I'm gonna request that you send me the link to this site.... >.> Email it to me chica!

  6. i love alot of the EA sets (dont like paying for tham however) but i have to agree, that the store NEVER has issues. what are they fixing?? raiding prices? why not fix the white screen issues thats been bigging EVERYONE for weeks now? hwo about the launcher issues? how about oh, i dunno, the 'oops you dont have privliages to view this post' pages, or better yet, make it so there friend request button actualy takes me to my friend request page instead of OOPS
    .. but im sure they know what they are doing *rolls eyes*


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