Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh you haven't killed me off yet! I'm still here you little pricks!

*Gets up and dusts self off*
I'm baaaacccckkkk!
*Warning: Rant= bad words*

You may have suceeded in knocking me down this time, but I'm up now. You may knock me down, but I will always get right back up you little shits! How dare you comment and say my stuff is horrible! Call me names, spam this blog with your BS, but slam my CC and your asking for it! How dare you make them take it down! You all disgust me! You all pathetic and sad little people! I know very well that wasn't some random people now and you will pay one of these days! I swear to it! MS3B taking my cc down is what upset me the most though and will get to that later in my post. Nothing negative, but I'm not going lie either! Back to the brats who comment, who the hell made you CC experts?! Go suck it, because you are waste to humanity. I really don't know how people can be so cruel and find fun out of it! Well don't come looking for your fun here anymore, because I don't give shit what think about anything. Don't download it if you don't like it you worthless morons! I will not even give you pleasure of even mentioning what you say anymore. They will be mostly lies anyway. Horrible? Ahahaha! Kiss my arse!

Ok, now for this CC blog. Why the hell are they allowing such comments is beyond me! They can least cut anons off. On blogger you can cut comments off to any post without cutting them all off, so why not cut them off on a post if they see trolling on it? Why not ask the creator if they want them on and off? Also why hell did they take my stuff off? Why put up in first place if that's how it's going go? Are letting trolls run your little blog now? That how it looks to me and no longer want to be part of it if that's how it is. I'm thinking about emailing you in regards to why my stuff was deleted. I don't appreciate it and not giving me a warning was out right rude! You not giving any of the new CC makers a chance and you trolls have a good old time over there. That in the sense is degrading your blog! Either take my advice or take comments off all together if you don't want it be a troll haven! Just a sad sight! Truly sad! I use to get extremely happy at the thought of being featured there, but not anymore! I'm not even sure if want my soon to be latest sim to be featured there, because what happen! I know for certain that all the little shits who have it out for me came running to comment negativity. I know it and like I said you are all sad pathetic people.

As for c-box I will ban you forever if you come with BS and enjoy doing it! I have list of people who have been banned and if you want continue being asswipes I will post your ips for the world to see, so don't fuck with me!

Ok, now I'm done! Hello everyone and thank you for the lovely comments. I'm more than better and ready to continue. I have some sims I want to post soon and I'm going continue to make my awesome shirts. Hehe ^_^


  1. good for you, girl. fuck the haters

  2. That's my Vid! I stopped following MS3 and took their blog off my list after exploding on the comments section about how horrible I thought their piece of shit little blog was. Fuck them! :P

  3. ^OMG! Spill! Email!
    *glomps Zeri*

  4. I can't, MS3 Blog deleted my comment unfortunately, but I basically said that I was no longer following them, and that they were no longer on my blog list after what had been done to you.

    I also pretty much said that the anon trolls were fucktards who acted like CC experts, when they can't even run their mouths under their own name because they're chicken shits.

    Then I advised that anonymous commenting be disabled, but then said that "but I doubt it will be done, because the owner of this blog seems to like all the drama anyway"

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Vid, I wouldn't even bother emailing them, and if they are ever to approach you again, I'd tell them to fuck off. Whoever runs that place is a biased fucknugget.

  5. ^Agreed. If had the time I would make my own cc blog. Well I guess I'm not Peggy or any of those big cc makers, so they dont give a F about me and thats fine. I dont care about them either.

  6. Glad your back Vid !! :D
    Try Creator's Corner instead of MS3B, more "relaxed" out there !! ;)

  7. Atta Girl Vid. Don't let them troll all over you and get away with it.;)

    And my offer still stands; MS3B doesn't want to host your stuff, I will be more than happy to host them on LE Style.

  8. Making more custom content - the best revenge in the world. You go girl! :D

  9. It is what I've said from the beginning...fuck 'em all! They are just internet trolls who can't hurt you unless you let them.

    I think Mare should showcase your shirts.{^_-}

  10. Okay, I'm gonna try and say by bit now hopefully without it biting me in the ass...

    I didn't see the comments that were made about your content, but what I must say is I don't quite understand how people are so taken aback when they're criticised on that site. Yes it's not nice but it is expected, and if you can't handle it then you really shouldn't ask for your stuff to be posted on there.

    MS3B has been this way for a very very long time, and unfortunately you wont be able to change it.

    With regards to them taking your stuff down and your reaction to it, I can only quote what you and so many others have said before- something along the lines of 'it's my blog and I'll do what I like', right? If Joe wanted to only post CC updates that have the word pyjamas in the title he could- cause it's his blog, and you have to respect that if you expect anyone to do the same for you.

    I hope this hasn't come across as particularly harsh or anything- you're a lovely girl Vid and I only wish good things for you- I just think people's reactions to this have been a little OTT. The internet is not a safe place if you're particularly sensitive, and I thought people knew this by now.

  11. I see your point, but a lot comments are not criticism. Telling me my sutff was degrading was no help to me at all. I feel if it isn't cristicism then why allow it all. Well I wont ask anymore, becuz I really don't feel like hearing the troll committee telling me my stuff is horrible when it really isn't. The only postive comment was Paco and Cece. The rest was negative.

    Also they are too many people who don't like me now after last week and would abuse the anon opition there anyway. With last week events and this I did feel like I was being picked on and got upset. Some people don't know half of what put up with. I think I'm allowed to get little upset from time to time. Yes, sentitive or not I think I deserve to be treated with respect. Maybe I ask for it? I often do talk about conversial issues which is why get so much bull crap. That won't stop me from talking about certain things though because I dont want to and that what all troll of sim community would want. I'm not sensitive as I thought as I would have quit by now from the harassment I receive and I'm not going quit. Like you said it's my blog.

    As for my stuff being tooken off I felt that it was becuz of the comments. I seen plenty of things get negative feedback and never seen it dissapear from the site. Well it's his blog and no I don't agree how he runs it, so I won't ask to be featured there anymore. That pretty simple to do and that is pretty much it. If he happens to post something mines, thats fine. If not, that fine too. I really don't care anymore. It's over now.

  12. Also pretty much every comment were saying it was horrible and asking how it got there. Sounds pretty fishy to me as it wasn't that bad. Only one was constructive criticism and two positive(Paco and Cece comments), but like I said it's over.

  13. I agree, it is starting to sound fishy. It's the teenagery-type troll, which makes me think that a few of your recent haters decided to troll there.
    I did get to see 7 or 8 of the comments, and one did offer constructive criticism, but most trolled.
    I don't think MS3B should take off comments, though. It lets creators know about problems and inform them of things people want and don't want. Plus, people will be rude, arrogant, and plain stupid anywhere, even on the Internet, and you just have to deal. Handle it maturely and don't fight back, because then they can't do much. They can insult you, but what happens? Nothing.
    Lemme give you an example of how I handled trolling retards:
    About a week ago, someone made necklaces and they were featured on MS3B. I said something along the lines of "This isn't too hard to do, but thanks because I'm seriously too lazy". An anon posted under me, "How the *bleep* would you know? You don't make *bleep* CC. Stop being such a *bleep*, etc. etc.". And you know what I said?
    "Check people's blogs first, because I do make CC and I know exactly how to extract those necklaces from the base texture of the clothing." (But yanno, I said it much more cleverly, I just can't remember exactly what I said.) :P
    You just have to handle it maturely and politely tell them to stfu. ;)

  14. Oh God, novel time.

  15. ^lol
    I did ignore them on there anyway. :-/

  16. I know. I was just reminding you that you're doing it right. Don't let them get to you. Of the six and a half BILLION people in the world, only one of them doesn't like it.
    Your opinion is what matters most.

  17. Well, in your case, only five. But still, that's not even 0.5% of the world.

  18. I'm still the position of "time and place for everything" and I'm abhorrently against being a dick on someone else's blog under an anonymous tag. It's a chicken shit thing to do, simple as that.

    As for MS3, that's absolutely correct, it's their blog, and their choice to run it, while I have the same choice to take them off my follow list and not pay any mind to what they post.

    It claims to be a blog for CC yet blocks out stencils, now while technically the shirt is still EA's, Vid has put a design on it, so technically, it's custom. I didn't realize that MS3 was picky about which kind of CC they allowed. From what I had seen, they shared everything.

    I'm trying not to get frustrated, but all I see are a bunch of double-standards from the owner.

    But, it's water under the bridge for me. If I ever start making true CC, and they approach me about sharing it, I'll tell them to piss off. I'm still not going to follow them either.

    But yeah, the timing of all those comments seems to be perfect as Vid had already been attacked, hated on, shunned, whatever.

    But as I've said before, take the negatives with a grain of salt, always take the positives to heart, and if you are no longer comfortable sharing your creations with MS3B, then by all means, don't.

    It's your games, that's your work put into it, so you do whatever you please with it and tell whoever says otherwise to piss off.

  19. I agree. He does quality control, apparently. I say stenciled tees are fine, but for some reason, people think they are low quality, so he doesn't post them.
    And I'm completely against anon trolling, but there's nothing you can do without cutting out the people who won't be a troll, too.

  20. *post them frequently, I should say.

  21. If you look under Clothing -Male, you will see Fuzzy Logic has stencil shirts along with many others, so yeah. *cough cough double standard*

  22. Meh, I know a couple people who sign up for blogger but don't make a blog. Besides, if you spend enough time commenting on blogspot, might as well become a member, LOL

  23. @ Vid: Like I said, he doesn't post them frequently. If you look in the comments, people either bash them or there aren't any comments.
    @ AE: I agree. But apparently, people think you must have a blog, especially because it tells you to make one when you sign up. I think they should at least type in a name instead of clicking 'Anon'.

  24. Scratch my reply to you, Vid.

    Instead, read this:
    I don't think MS3B is doing double standards. Many people have begged and begged to get on there - and finally he has let them be featured, because they won't stop pestering him.

  25. I forgot what else I was gonna say, but I'll be back soon with it, I guess.

  26. Glad you are not backing down! You go girl!
    You keep doing you and help us come up with a way to showcase 'our' stuff on Cstyles.

    I'm not going to ever let the trolls take charge but I will allow 'constructive' critique. I've got some great mod's and they don't play!

    Hang in there girlie!!

    Hugz to ya!!

  27. Woot! Glad you didn't let the fuckwads get to you.

  28. Sure Cece! Love too! ;-)
    Ty Lara :-P


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