Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Modified Beauties Assignement 1 Results!

Roxy can feel her heart breaking as the rain starts coming down and the wind blows. She tries to act as nothing as happened, as if her boyfriend never dumped her, but it hits her! 5 years for nothing! She starts to cry as her umbrella drops out of her hand. She can't bring herself to pick it up and to walk on despite the danger that could be lurking among the dark streets. She can't live without him, she frozen in pain. All alone she cries and cries in the rain. Will she ever love again?

Vidkid with Roxy
Quality of the photo: 7/10
Capture of the assignment: 8/10
Creativity: 9/10
Overall photo: 24/30
Judges Comments: Very nice subject. the Umbrella was perfect, as well as the rain.

Quality of the photo: 10/10
Capture of the assignment: 9/10
Creativity: 9/10
Overall photo: 28/30
I liked your story! Just make sure everything is spelled correctly. The lighting for the shot was spectacular. Your picture was very dramatic and I was stricken with awe!

The typo queen strikes again! >_< (I fixed the typos by the way for here.) Oh, well. Was in a hurry. I'm not very good with editing either, so I don't know how long I will last. I don't have photoshop for one thing. If I go to staples to buy ink for my printer I might take a chance to buy a cd for editing pics. Always good to have and I like editing pics. I think I did do great job putting the umbrella and trash can in. I was so proud of myself that night. lol
Well going to work on assignment 2 now. Wish me luck!


  1. Vidkid, please don't listen to any grammar Nazis. Gawd knows there's enough of them on the forums, and get on my last nerve.

  2. Spelling can count off points in comps, so I would only worry about it then. :)

    Vid, I think that picture is really beautiful.

    If you have Paint.Net, go to the Help section, I believe, and click Plugins. You can find some really neat stuff, like making outlines, shadows, etc. :)


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