Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back in the saddle again! Tomorrow!

You miss me yet? Nooo??? :-( Sorry, well we have to change that will we? :-P

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A few blog changes to announce and much more! Stay tune! 

P.S. Paco don't forget Vanity or I will unleash basement cat on you! 


  1. YAY Vid. I know I talked to you earlier, but I missed you. (hugs)

  2. Yay! Welcome back! See, ya' can't keep a good simmer down!! :)

  3. YAYY! You're back :D

    And I'll get it in, just had to go to the beach, AGAIN. >_< If I don't, it may be because I will be busy going out with my girlfriend :D I need to spend more time with her. So I MAY need an extension.

  4. YAY vidkid.
    Glad you decided to stick around.

  5. yay!! dont go viddy the sim world would suck without you :P

  6. Vid, I'm glad you're not leaving for good..but you dont have to leave just because it looks like things are taking a bad turn. Next time I'll send you a message through Cstyles.


  7. ^Chi! *Hugs*
    Hugs for all!
    @Paco, aw thats so cute. Take your time. Give till the weekend. ;)


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