Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New possible story? For the love of Roxy! (Prologue)

When we last left Roxy, she was posing for the camera!
Now I have decided to give her the fantasy of most woman!
The dream of having her pick of two smexy suitors! By her facial expression, I think she likes!

A newbie and oldie, Kavin. New because I just made him and a oldie because he is based off the one of my first sims. He is up for Vanity Cycle 2 new spoke model. Excuse his stupid grin. >_<

2nd Shane! A favorite of mine and ex-gothique model!
Roxy: Hmm....
Roxy: Um. hi?
Kalvin: Hello. Well aren't you cute.
Shane: Ugh, what a llama!

Shane: Hey!
Roxy: Um..hello?

Kalvin: How dare you talk to my woman?!  
Shane: WTH?!
Roxy: *sigh* How many sim days do I have of this?
Who will win her heart? Well stay tune to find out as these three will be living together. Next epidsode, decorating the house and living situations. Well that should go smoothly...well maybe. ;-)

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