Sunday, September 12, 2010

For the Love of Roxy- Episode 2

Day 2
Roxy: I wonder if Shane is up?
Kalvin: Hey, what are you doing out here?
5 mins later...
Kalvin: Tag you it!
Shane: What the hell?
Shane: Put some clothes on!
Shane: You too!
Roxy: Awww!
Well after a strange morning of tag, Roxy had them sit down to hear her plans for the day.
Roxy: Tonight we are having a talent show! I would like you two to show off your talents to me and you better impress me! I will buy the materials and it better be good. Kalvin, no more salad!
Kalvin: Aw!
Shane: Hmmm....going need a guitar.
Kalvin: Why do I feel like I'm on a bad reality show?
Late that night...
Roxy: Awesome!
Roxy: I love guitar players!
Kalvin: Ugh!
Shane: Well your turn, buddy.
*Kalvin: I should be able to top that!*
Kalvin: I will paint for you! It will be inspired by your beauty!
Roxy: Oh cool!
Shane: He can't be serious!
Roxy: Shane, you did very well tonight. You can keep the guitar.
Shane: Thanks.
A few mintues later....
Kalvin: Ta da! Don't you like it! It's abstract!
Roxy: Abstract!?
Roxy: More like crap!
*Kalvin: Well that didn't go well*
*Shane snickers to himself.*
Roxy: Well that was a let down!
Shane: *hums to self*
*It appears I'm winning!*
*Shane: It's no way I'm losing to this guy! What a idoit!*
Well Shane seems to be winning Roxy over so far! Could Shane win her heart or will Kalvin charm her with his silly antics! Stay tune!


  1. *does a happy dance* Yay go Shane XD

  2. lol guys! I'm going try do this every other day by the way. ;)

  3. hmmm, maybe another girl should come along! That would mess things up!


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