Sunday, September 5, 2010

Damn you Bieber! No fair for me today!

I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER Pictures, Images and Photos
This little snot ruined my plans for me today! He is at our state fair for a "performance" and basically the news said that might as well stay home if your not going to the fair to see him, because the traffic and crowd are going be insane! So here I am! Damn him!
 Fun fact: Usher is the one that found and gave this annoying child a record deal! Yes, Usher! I hate you for this Usher! I lost all respect for you! Damn you! I can't get away from this little twerp! Lehdkat, where is the hell is your siggy when I need it?!

P.S. If all goes well, I'm going tomorrow! On the last day! Ugh! I hate going on the last day!


  1. His austrailian twin is in the new expansion for a song. . .

  2. *kills Justin Bieber* Okay, Vid, I fixed your problem! Go have a great time!

  3. I HATE Justin Bieber >:( he is so annoying! GAH!

    Looks like we'll need the guns again, you can bring the bullets again as well >:D (XD)

  4. You said his name wrong.

    Its Justine Beaver.

    The little twit hasn't came to Maine yet,so i'm good....for now.

    But when he does come ill be hiding in the bushes like a Hit-man,waiting for the perfect shot.

  5. When he was coming o Australia, I so wanted to be there.

    With a flame-thrower and guns of course. >:]

  6. justin beiber must die!!!! annoying little twit

  7. I fricken hate Justin. I mean, like Fred is a greater deal than her.

  8. Paco I have the bullets! If we hurry we can catch him at my state fair NOW! lol

    I swear if I go tomorrow and they play his music while I'm on the rides someone is going get hurt!

  9. Oh thats how you spell his stupid name! Who spell Beaver that way?! Gawd!

  10. Chuck a brick at his face. Much better than a water bottle ^_^

  11. NO Westie!

    Sender blocks are more effective!

  12. *Cinder. I think a flame thrower would do the trick just fine. He'd have to get a new haircut :)

  13. Lovely. I can't stand his haircut. That little bastard needs to die. >:)

  14. That damn Google Chrome said I spelled it wrong.

    *grabs steel pipe*

    What about malee weapons?

    They take longer to kill someone,but double the pain.



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