Thursday, September 2, 2010

Roxy Mayhem- New Sim download!

Many thanks to Zeri for the name!

 Issue is resolved and no problems! :D
-Hair from Blue book
-Shirt made by me here!
-Lipstick from exchange/TSR
-Shoes from A+S=Error
Ladyfrontbum's eye shadow
*Ladyfrontbum's Naughty & Nice Female skin
*Oh my eyes at MTS

P.S Thanks RD for the graffiti!
Sorry forgot the shoes and eyeshadow!


  1. I hope u saw I added where I got the eye shadow! >_< Sorry.
    I'm glad u like her though! :-P

  2. She is adorable!!!Love the shirt! Looks great in game :)

  3. Good for you, vid, not letting the MS3B trolls get you down! I'm downloading, she'll be great at a Late Night club.

  4. aw, ty! Im glad u like her and I'm definitely using her for LN! I want the ep so bad!

  5. Oh cool! She's one of my favories. I'm glad you like her. You did a great job with the makeover. ^_^

  6. Hey Vid, I found this little gem over at C-Styles and I am currently doing make-overs and checking out other peoples' work. I think she has a lot of character, here's a shot her in my game :)


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