Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm little late, but the latest scam and its not EA!
Head over to the Grumpy toast to read all about it! Every blog seems to blogging about it.

LE found some info on this new paysite as well.

Paysites are bad enough, but creating a paysite to put the money in his own pocket is just as low as you can get!


  1. Hehe, I think you meant LE before my link, and as I posted over at Grumpy Toast, I found loads more info. Altho, I was thinking on it after doing so, and I'm not sure if I do believe he is a filmmaker as I stated. I did find a name and a picture of the person. It all reeks of scam artist.

  2. Fixed it. xD sorry. Yea, I read the thread AE posted. Wow, some people. A simming scam artist. People will do anything for money.

  3. From the pic I found, and the dude is also on Facebook, he's an old looking creep, maybe in his 40s.

  4. Hit Post comment by accident>.<

    Not that 40 is old for me, but considering a lot of the fans are in their teens, 40 would be an old creep, lol.


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