Friday, September 3, 2010

Busy doing scores!

Well we all know how long it takes me to do comp scores, so I don't know what else I'm going be able to post today. I'm waiting on two of my judges at the moment. Going add up the scores I received from one my judges. Anyway once I'm done that and while I waiting on the other two I might play my game. If I don't update, sorry.

Also I'm working on the shirts that a certain someone requested. They are finished, but just need to see how they look in CAS!
-Vid <3


  1. Hey Vidkid, did you read the new MS3B post? Trolls and spam are automatically deleted from the website now. Good news!

  2. hmmm...i saw that opition on my own blog. I hope they are getting rid some of the trolls. :-/

  3. Wait hold up.

    I didn't see them say anything about trolls or spam being automatically deleted, just that some comments that seemed to be eaten up were being put in the spam section.

  4. I want scores :P I'm so inpatient..*rolls eyes*


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