Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 6-

-Chapter 6: Killer on the loose-
Lestat stood before his fellow vampire looking off into the distance. He seem to be deep in thought as he fiddle with the sleeve of his velvet red jacket.

More on commenting in case your confused... *UPDATED*

1. Post as a guest if your not sure about commenting or feeling confused. I prefer you do it this way at less you have a open ID.
-Type your message
-Click post as
-Type your email and name in
**Also at the bottom, there is a option to add your website**

2. If you want to experiment with commenting, make sure I'm here. You can't delete comments which is meh. You can edit. Anyway, I can delete comments so don't try nothing new while I'm not around. May be sorry.

3. Posting under your google account will post your full name!!! Not your blogger name!!! And the only way to change that is to sign up to disque and change it.

4. If your real name happens to pop up under comments, please let me know or if I'm not around sign up and change it! It takes 2 seconds and it only asked for 3 things!!!

5. If you want an avatar, you have to sign up.

6. I will not be looking at people's emails or ips at less you give me reason too. Along as your not harassing anyone or leaving nasty comments or spamming, I can care less about your ip or email. I'm nosy sometimes, but not that nosy. Also only I can see it and that's when I'm clicking the moderate button to ban.

I would not have done this, if it wasn't needed. They're some aspects I like and some I don't. For now it will be this way till the whole stalker business is over.

P.S. May post this as page on the side.

UPDATE: Flag your comment if it shows up with a different screen name! Will take it down.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Comments have been tweaked!

Thanks to Poida who found this widget and AE who convinced me to do it, comments have been upgraded. You can now post as a guest or under a account. Just make sure it doesn't post your real name. >_<  If it does you can change it by signing up. Feel free to comment under guest. If you have any problems, please let me know.

Anybody who abuses this option will be banned. Yes, I can ban people who comment now. Ahahahahahaha! I also can see your email and ips, so please go ahead and try to harass me. I will post your ip in big font saying look at this douchebag! It's so and so!!!

I will be applying this to all my blogs as a certain twat is running around commenting. Also if you have something to add to my ts3 cc site, please comment here or there. The email has been taken off due to mister troll being a ass. If you have the email saved some where, email me as I will still be accepting emails.

P.S. The number of comments are slow, but if you click it you can see them.
Also type the message in first and click post as.

Story delayed again...

I may try get the next chapter of my story up Saturday. Today has been a little hectic for me and I feel like I'm sleep still. Also the pose box does not want to work with the mod I use to turn my sims into vampires, so no neat poses at less it works suddenly. D:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Times have changed and I don't like it! *Rant time!*

I will not use names as this will be general, but I'm going be pretty honest. Some may take this as a insult, but I could give a damn about their feelings. My thoughts. Go cry somewhere else and spare me the whinning. I don't want to hear it and if hear any of it under comments, they will be cut off! I will also be cursing too, so beware!

After all the comps are over...

After my competitions are over and Dark's comp is done I will be taking a needed break. I have some new ideas for assignments, but not enough to make a whole competition out of any of them. Battle of the Bands, Vanity, and Mangaka will just be on break. Not retired, but on break. I plan on doing more cycle so no worries.

As for my own simatography, I will still do pictures from time to time. Just will be more of a hobby for me and on my own time.

Edit: Thought I share...
A example picture I took for Vanity. Too gory and cool not to post! :D
The girl in red is suppose to be the devil and the pressures of fame killed him hence the police tape, pill bottle and wine bottles. Go check out the thread for the assignment here. ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Stuff at TS3 CC Gallery...

Sweet Ranch by Via
*CC Free!*

Scones for Cream Tea...

Mari by Eva

Bluebellflora's Blue Bay Retreat
*CC free!*

Been updating it lately so check out the new stuff! Will be doing a little update here for TS3 CC every once in awhile. Thanks to all the creators who contritubed their awesome stuff! :D

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Assignment 4 Novel of a story + Pic

This is the long version of my story. I didn't wanted write a full blown novel under my picture for Dark, so I just wrote a short version of it. This is the long version and plus you get to see my picture early. Took me forever to get that picture. >_<

Sunday, April 24, 2011

By the way Happy Easter Eggs!!!! :D

Happy Easter!!!!
I wanted to say that before it hit 12am here. I hope everyone had a good Easter. I spent most of the day in the house. Was rainy, so I didn't mind. Well we still have Easter Monday, so have a good one all. <3

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Assignment 3 + Scores

42/50 Creativity
46/50 Story
46/50 Relates to Assignment
40/50 Overall Picture
Total: 174/200
Comments: Ahh Vid, I know when you put this up you were going through something so horrible but as a judge I have to be fair and I have to be honest. I liked the story for this picture, particularly the added touch that even after she’s killed him and drained him dry she’s still a dignified lady, albeit a playful one. I know your heart wasn’t in this one due to what was going on but thought that your set was lacking, France is a beautiful country with some gorgeous buildings but you used a skyscraper shell, cobblestones and a couple of trees – I can see that there’s nothing on the horizon either and I really wish that your model had been stood closer to her victim – her pose Is wonderful but that far away from her victim it loses some of it’s effectiveness and the shot really could’ve done with some lighting to add that element of depth via shadows – I’m glad you used the lighting to illuminate your model but because everything else is dark it almost looks like she doesn’t belong in the picture.

We loss our marbles in gondwanaland! Thanks Skyscraper....

 This in order from the op to the last post. If this makes sense to you, then get yourself to the latest crazy bin.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

You know something that would be neat...

I did the Interview With A Vampire household and people really liked it, so what if I did Harry Potter? Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Malfoy, and Dumbledore. Maybe a few others. I have read all the books accept the first one. I have no clue how I missed the first, but I'm big fan of the series. I didn't really enjoy the last book for certain events that happen, but I still find myself in love with the series. I'm sure a certain grumpy blogger would like that very much. Just something that came to mind. Have to free myself of some things first, but it might be my next project. ;)

Have you ever wonder how I really look?

Click read more.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Adding me, myself, and I as a friend???

Um...EA what the hell? I can't even change my avatar, but I can add myself as a friend? Hm lovely...

This just shows you how f'ed up the site is. Fix it EA!

Update to my story soon...

The next chapter is already written up, but I've been playing with different poses lately. I plan on using them for that and I finally got the sitting poses down. See....
Liam was in my bin so I figure he didn't mind me using him again. xD Wooo now I can do the awesome sitting poses!!!! :D

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Comment of the day...

I wonder who that was?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A postscript to my Gaga Rant- Youtube and her ego....

The forum is being crappy, so some more OT. Just a post scrip to my last Gaga post.

Well the forums were being crap last night for me also, so I decided to see how Gaga new song was doing. It is still #1 on Itunes. which I can't figure out why and I stumbled upon a interview she did that just made me completely dislike her. I will link that in a min, but first me commenting on Youtube last night.

Aghhhhh! The EA forums are a peice of s***!

I can see the forum when I don't log in, but as soon I log in I get the baby in a dishwasher crap. If see that pic one more time I'm going to EA offices and slap whoever is in charge! FFS It's about two years and the shit still going on?! Fix the fucking forums you morons! I already had a long day. I took a nap and now I want to do comp scores. I can't even post them. Is this how repay me when I cough up my money to you? Get your head out your asses and fix the damn forums!!!!! *breathes in and out*

Peeps in my comps till the site allows me to post, no scores. I will try to check every other hour to see if it works, so cross your fingers for me. EA sucks!

Monday, April 18, 2011

A new cc listing site and TS3 CC Gallery ...
Well first off Nokuoro of the ts3 forum has created a new cc listing site. It looks really proffesional and I already spotted some things out there. Pleeeeassse check it out. I'm big supporter of anyone who wants start these types of sites.

Anyway, TS3 CC gallery needs more people to contribute. I can't update if no one emails me or wants to add to it. If it keeps going like this I may have to shut it down. I'll give it time, but with sites like MS3B going it's hard to keep up.

On a side note: TS3 moderators finally decided to move my thread for the site to the creative corner. Been there since the beginning, so I don't know what possesed them to move it. Idiots.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

If they mated: Juan Darer and Amy Bull!

Since Liam and Hydra's kids turned out to be so lovely. *snickers* I thought it would be nice to hook up Twinbrook's finest!

She screamed when she saw his face and he was blinded by her beauty. They danced and now we mate them! Bwhahahahah!

Friday, April 15, 2011

*gasp* I added reactions!

I've been wanting to add to reactions to this blog. So far I added only 2. I plan on adding more maybe, but for now I will see how this goes. More funny stuff and less negative, which is my goal. :)

LG new song Judas *Music rant*

Sorry, but all day I've reading comments under her new song and I swear some people are so delusional. If you said anything negative your a hater. Grrrr....

She needs to stop. Seriously, I was saying meh with Born this way. Now today Judas came out and I actually started comparing this song to Friday as to which is more annoying. The beginning so freaking annoying I cringed! They are so many things I hate about this song. The way she saids Judas, the chorus, the beat...want me to go on? The biggest problem for me and this song is the religious references. I'm not the most religious person and I rarely get offended when it comes to stuff, but when such a serious topic is sung light heartly on a pop record it bothers me. She could of got her point across without putting Jesus in it or anything involving religion. I could maybe get pass all that it if it wasn't such sucky song. Plus again there is only 1 Madonna and it's been done before. The song is just awful and painful!

P.S. I love how itunes puts all the good reviews on the first page. Pfff...
By the way, the song sounds like a bad version of Bad Romance.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bow chica wow wow...

Liam is here to fullfill all your fantasies...
You know you want it....


Oooo pretty!!! Lookie what I did to Vidkid20 Customs!

<3 I had made a banner, but I ended up using one of AE's banners she made for me. :)

Neverless here is the banner I made. Blogger wasn't kind to it and it ended up being a bit big.

I'm too sexy for my shirt! Too sexy for my shirt! Oh yeah!

Work it men slaves! Work it!!!! Bwhahahah! 
LOL I couldn't get the sitting pose to work. He look like a prezel. Bah, no fun. Oh well. Night all. I better go while I'm at it. xD

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The pose player thingy...

I would really like try out some new poses. I was against it at first, but I am extremely curious as to how it works. I have never tried anything like this in Sims 2 and some of the poses look really awesome. I'm not sure if I will start using them for modeling comps, but for story purposes it would be nice. ;)

The only thing I worry about is screwing up my game, which is something I'm quite good at. ^_^;

Anyone still here? I'm here to stay!

I have been dying to blog for a few days now. I love spending time with my family, but they can drive me crazy sometimes. I've been playing my nintendo ds and watching tv, but meh I'm bored. I said I would appear when nothing is going on and dammit I feel like blogging, so I'm back.

I will not be blogging about any blog post that contain my name or references to me while I was dealing RL issues. The people I owe my thanks know who they are. Anybody else I have nothing else to say. Some things are just better left unsaid you know? Some people seem to not get that, but that's fine.

I have missed this blog and everyone who comment from time to time. I have been wanting to post a shot out to the Mare's Nest too as I found their post about me taking a break very sweet. Hello Mares!!!! :D

My father is doing much better. He has another 2 weeks before going back to work. I will not be blogging everyday, but you will be seeing this blog being updated more. ;)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Missing me?

I'm still here! Off and on really. I've been tending to all my comp stuff, but I've been also hanging with my family. We had a lovely weekend of watching movies and laughing at Apprentice (can't stand Trump, but the show amuses me). Anyway, things I've done while checking in....

-I ended up Battle of the Bands Cycle 1-Finale here!
-Currently scoring Vanity.
-Typed another chapter to my vampire story. Yep, was bored and did it late last night.
-Working on a comp entry, which shouldn't take long

But basically I'm like a ninja. I'm here and then I'm gone the next minute!
Love yall!!!!!!! *hugs*

And P.S. as always forget to say somthing. I saw my favorite vampire movie in HD recenltly and squeeee it was awesome! I never seen it in HD before and it's been awhile. I got all kinds of ideas for my story now. :D

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Assignment 2+ Scores

46/50 Creativity
48/50 Backstory
48/50 Relates to the assignment
46/50 Overall Picture
Comments: Awww! Such a tragic story and so well written too! I really can’t fault you on the detail you went to in your explanation of her backstory <3. I wish there had been a little more in the way of furnishings for your set since although your detailing on the architecture was great the interior looked a bit empty and your extras had been more caught up with one another and hadn’t been right in the corner of the picture; I nearly overlooked them. I think that by trying to keep the horse in shot you’ve actually lessened the impact of what she has discovered - if you had tilted your camera further and zoomed in a little more it would’ve looked a lot better IMO.
Total: 188/200

This was a last minute entry. I was drawing a blank and my original idea was a bust. I wanted to go way back in the past and then I wanted to her husband to cheat on her. Well I slapped both those ideas together and used a different time frame. I did nitpick with the room in the background and all the pink. I didn't think the horse would be a problem. Oops....>_> Oh I've building my sets lately. Impressed myself with that one. lawl :D

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I have good news!!!!

My father been discharged tonight!!! I was really surprised and I thought he was trying to escape at first, when he ask for clothes. xD

Seriously, they did the big examination this morning. He had been bleeding internally, which was a bit scary at first. Well they found 3 ulcers and that was pretty much it! Was causing him lose blood and they actually had to give him blood, because it had made his blood count low. Pretty much why he was weak and losing weight. Well he feels better now and is just resting. We still have to keep a close eye on him, because he is the type that will hide stuff just to keep out of the hospital.

I'm sorry to make you guys worry, but I had no clue what was going on at first and didn't know he was feeling that bad. With my mom being gone and my grandfather recently passing away, it scared me a bit. Also the guy rooming with him got some really bad news when they did the same examination on him, which also made me nervous this morning.

I will still be taking time out to spend time with him. I'm not sure when he's going back to work, but he will have a few weeks. So I will be around, but not as much like before all this.

Thanks to everyone who commented and wished him well.

P.S. I'm so happy it wasn't something more serious and he's home! :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Not too sure, but a warning that I may not be around a lot

Update: I will only be keeping you updated under comments, but back to using the little free time I have now.

As I posted on my comp threads, my father had to be hospitalized this morning. I don't know what is fully up, but tomorrow I should know the full details. If it's nothing serious, then he may be discharged soon. I really can't say at the moment. I don't want to panic like I did this morning. Just beware I might not be around much. I do plan on finishing my comps out, but till I'm sure he's ok I will be busy with RL.

If it gets to a point where I'm unable to finish my comps at all or I will be gone for a very long time, then I will let you know.

I will try keep you updated and if it's good news, then I may be around. We'll see.

P.S. I feel awful about my comps. Going try to at least keep up with those and end Battle of the Bands. I'm so sorry guys. :(

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Battle of the Bands Cycle 1 Finale: Still have time to vote!

The poll is still open, so please take time to vote. Whoever wins in the poll get extra point towards their score. Beware that Monday is most likely the last day to vote if scoring isn't delay. :)

Poll is located on the 3rd post:

And here's a awesome pic of my band that I edit and never used. xD
P.S. Not my best editing job. I just happen to find this in my junk pile of a picture folder. Can you tell I'm happy I can post pics again? lol :P

1st floor of my night club

After all day yesterday and pratically all day today, I'm finally able to upload pictures. I'm going be adding different lighting to it, so this isn't excatly the finish product of the first floor.

Friday, April 1, 2011

My internet is playing a April Fools joke on me..

My internet is being so freaking slow!!!!! I can't even post pictures as it's taking forever to upload them. I can't even get one picture to upload. Took me forever to get a draft to post this blog post, so if I don't post much today after this post you know why. >_<

I will try to update my cc listing blog if it doesn't give me trouble. Figure out something. :/
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