Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anyone still here? I'm here to stay!

I have been dying to blog for a few days now. I love spending time with my family, but they can drive me crazy sometimes. I've been playing my nintendo ds and watching tv, but meh I'm bored. I said I would appear when nothing is going on and dammit I feel like blogging, so I'm back.

I will not be blogging about any blog post that contain my name or references to me while I was dealing RL issues. The people I owe my thanks know who they are. Anybody else I have nothing else to say. Some things are just better left unsaid you know? Some people seem to not get that, but that's fine.

I have missed this blog and everyone who comment from time to time. I have been wanting to post a shot out to the Mare's Nest too as I found their post about me taking a break very sweet. Hello Mares!!!! :D

My father is doing much better. He has another 2 weeks before going back to work. I will not be blogging everyday, but you will be seeing this blog being updated more. ;)


  1. Welcome back, m'dear! Good to hear that your dad is doing much better, and that he'll be going back to work!

  2. Yea. He's getting paid while he's out I think so he's in no rush. xD I just hope he doesn't over do it again. >_<

    And ty. :)


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