Friday, April 22, 2011

Adding me, myself, and I as a friend???

Um...EA what the hell? I can't even change my avatar, but I can add myself as a friend? Hm lovely...

This just shows you how f'ed up the site is. Fix it EA!


  1. Yeah, try logging out, then logging back in

  2. Oh it worked. Thanks. :) I found it to be quite funny tho. xD

  3. Yeah that happened to me. It wouldn't let me change any of my settings :( And I'd just logged in! *facepalm* lol

  4. The login bug strikes again!

    For laughs, I actually tried adding myself. I believe the exact message it gave me was "You cannot add yourself as a friend". XD

  5. Yea, same thing has been happening to me too. And the site keeps logging me off even though I have keep logged in option. Fail EA!



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