Saturday, April 30, 2011

More on commenting in case your confused... *UPDATED*

1. Post as a guest if your not sure about commenting or feeling confused. I prefer you do it this way at less you have a open ID.
-Type your message
-Click post as
-Type your email and name in
**Also at the bottom, there is a option to add your website**

2. If you want to experiment with commenting, make sure I'm here. You can't delete comments which is meh. You can edit. Anyway, I can delete comments so don't try nothing new while I'm not around. May be sorry.

3. Posting under your google account will post your full name!!! Not your blogger name!!! And the only way to change that is to sign up to disque and change it.

4. If your real name happens to pop up under comments, please let me know or if I'm not around sign up and change it! It takes 2 seconds and it only asked for 3 things!!!

5. If you want an avatar, you have to sign up.

6. I will not be looking at people's emails or ips at less you give me reason too. Along as your not harassing anyone or leaving nasty comments or spamming, I can care less about your ip or email. I'm nosy sometimes, but not that nosy. Also only I can see it and that's when I'm clicking the moderate button to ban.

I would not have done this, if it wasn't needed. They're some aspects I like and some I don't. For now it will be this way till the whole stalker business is over.

P.S. May post this as page on the side.

UPDATE: Flag your comment if it shows up with a different screen name! Will take it down.


  1. I've changed my disqus settings so that comments can be flagged and removed for moderation after one flag. Hopefully this means if people make a mistake with a log on or see something sus it can be dealt with fairly quickly. Haven't tested it but it might be worthwhile for you to look into.

  2. Oh I may do that now. :0

  3. I'm usually around and my phone does get emails when people comment, so I may not need it. Hmm...

    Thank you as I might try it.


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