Monday, April 4, 2011

Not too sure, but a warning that I may not be around a lot

Update: I will only be keeping you updated under comments, but back to using the little free time I have now.

As I posted on my comp threads, my father had to be hospitalized this morning. I don't know what is fully up, but tomorrow I should know the full details. If it's nothing serious, then he may be discharged soon. I really can't say at the moment. I don't want to panic like I did this morning. Just beware I might not be around much. I do plan on finishing my comps out, but till I'm sure he's ok I will be busy with RL.

If it gets to a point where I'm unable to finish my comps at all or I will be gone for a very long time, then I will let you know.

I will try keep you updated and if it's good news, then I may be around. We'll see.

P.S. I feel awful about my comps. Going try to at least keep up with those and end Battle of the Bands. I'm so sorry guys. :(


  1. Family comes first Viddie. Hope everything's okay.

  2. I hope it's nothing serious vid.
    Family comes first so you just deal with
    RL issues for now.

  3. Hey mate, hope everything turns out all right. Like has already been said, RL and family are most important, so take all the time you need.

  4. Hope he gets better soon :)

  5. Sorry about your Dad, vid. I do hope it's not serious. Take care of you Dad and yourself and we'll see you when you come back. 'Hugs'

  6. i hope your dad will alright. keep your chin up :)

  7. Thank you guys so much. While I have some free time I thought I should comment and update you.

    He is doing ok. It was more serious than I thought. I won't go into deep details here but he's loss quite a bit of weight and he was definitely hiding all the pain he was going through quite well. He's the only the parent I have left so it really scares me to see him this way. I'm keeping positive tho. Hopefully we hear some good news today with examine they did this morning.

    As for simming, I'm taking your advice. I will only be doing stuff like that only when I have free time and feel like it.

    Again ty guys. Everyone who has my email is welcome to email me. Also the ts3ccgallery email is also open to anyone who may wants to send me a message. :)

  8. Vid, I hope everything works out positively for your father, I'll be praying for him and your family. :)

    This might be a good opportunity for you two to do some fun & relaxing things together, especially when he's feeling up for it. I understand what it's like to watch your father suffer with some sickness -- it's tough and frightening, but keep your positive attitude, and lean on the people close to you when you need to. Don't hold things in; believe me, it helps tremendously to get some things out.

    Take care :)

  9. Vid my prayers go to your Father, you and your family. Keep strong and think positive. Don't fear the worst, but pray for what's best.


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