Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Assignment 4 Novel of a story + Pic

This is the long version of my story. I didn't wanted write a full blown novel under my picture for Dark, so I just wrote a short version of it. This is the long version and plus you get to see my picture early. Took me forever to get that picture. >_<

Veronica had rode off on her horse from the pain, sadness, and betrayal she had witnessed. The sun went down as she rode into the forest just wanting to escape. As it grew so dark she could barely see, her horse suddenly stopped and reared. She fell to the ground and screamed in pain. A voice then came to her from within the darkness.The creature came near her and she feared the worse. "I will spare your life. I will take away the pain. I will give you a new life beautiful one," the creature said. She try to open her eyes, but the pain was too much. She had broken her back in the fall. "Don't go back to the life you had before. Don't reveal yourself to mortals who walk among us. Go out only at night," the creature spoke again in almost a chant. She felt it come close her face and felt it's breathe on her neck. The foul odor of blood could be smelled on his breath. It pricked her neck with it's sharp teeth and licked across her neck causing shivers to go down her spine. It then breathed heavily in her ear and bit into neck devouring her blood.

A young man rode on horse through this same forest. Stopping his horse at the sounds of footsteps he looked down to see a woman hurt and coved in blood. "Has she been savagely attacked?" he thought looking down her lifeless body. He stepped down and grabbed her. Laying her body across him he rode off fearing the worse. When they got to the campsite, everyone rushed over see what was wrong. Veronica had been attacked not by any beast, but a vampire. None knew what danger the young man had brought upon them.

A few days went pass and she healed almost instantly. All she could remember from the attack was the words, "Never go back. You are one of us now." She didn't know what this all meant, but she had no attentions of returning home. The man who had saved had welcomed her into his family. He told her his name was Nicolas and they were a group of traveling entertainers/gypsies. She was charmed by him and this way of living, but she knew this wouldn't last. She knew something had changed with her in that forest. She stayed indoors as the sun burnt her skin and food didn't interest her anymore. They all worried she made have caught some type of illness, but they didn't pry. Nicolas had losted his wife to a illness, so he worried about her health more than any other. He questioned if she had a family or anything to go back too. She simply told him no in hopes he would take her word. He did reluctantly as he felt she was hiding something, but he did not want to upset her.

One night, Nicolas returned from collecting fire wood with cuts on his face. He had fallen off his horse, but he was fine. He sat beside Veronica on the rock they always sat on tending to his wounds. Veronica senses all came to life at the sent of blood and she looked over at him with a huger expression. "What is this thirst? Why is my mouth so dry?" she thought. She grabbed him kissing him furiously on his face and neck. Stunned by her advances he tried to push her away, but before he could push her off fangs sunk into his neck. He yelled in pain and pushed her away with all his strength. He got up and backed away in shock. "She's the devil!" a woman screamed. She had witnessed it all and as the others danced amongst the fire oblivious to what had just happened, Veronica hungered for more.

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