Monday, April 11, 2011

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Assignment 2+ Scores

46/50 Creativity
48/50 Backstory
48/50 Relates to the assignment
46/50 Overall Picture
Comments: Awww! Such a tragic story and so well written too! I really can’t fault you on the detail you went to in your explanation of her backstory <3. I wish there had been a little more in the way of furnishings for your set since although your detailing on the architecture was great the interior looked a bit empty and your extras had been more caught up with one another and hadn’t been right in the corner of the picture; I nearly overlooked them. I think that by trying to keep the horse in shot you’ve actually lessened the impact of what she has discovered - if you had tilted your camera further and zoomed in a little more it would’ve looked a lot better IMO.
Total: 188/200

This was a last minute entry. I was drawing a blank and my original idea was a bust. I wanted to go way back in the past and then I wanted to her husband to cheat on her. Well I slapped both those ideas together and used a different time frame. I did nitpick with the room in the background and all the pink. I didn't think the horse would be a problem. Oops....>_> Oh I've building my sets lately. Impressed myself with that one. lawl :D

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