Thursday, April 28, 2011

After all the comps are over...

After my competitions are over and Dark's comp is done I will be taking a needed break. I have some new ideas for assignments, but not enough to make a whole competition out of any of them. Battle of the Bands, Vanity, and Mangaka will just be on break. Not retired, but on break. I plan on doing more cycle so no worries.

As for my own simatography, I will still do pictures from time to time. Just will be more of a hobby for me and on my own time.

Edit: Thought I share...
A example picture I took for Vanity. Too gory and cool not to post! :D
The girl in red is suppose to be the devil and the pressures of fame killed him hence the police tape, pill bottle and wine bottles. Go check out the thread for the assignment here. ;)

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