Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 6-

-Chapter 6: Killer on the loose-
Lestat stood before his fellow vampire looking off into the distance. He seem to be deep in thought as he fiddle with the sleeve of his velvet red jacket.

Louis put the book down he was reading and looked up with a expression of concern "Something wrong monsieur? Is anything I can do for you tonight? You look a bit lost."

"It's nothing. I'm fine. Go back to reading...."

"I can't read when the devil himself is perplexed."

Lestat smiled slightly at this and sat down on the couch continuing his distance stare. Louis looked over him annoyed and made his way over to him.
He inched closer to him and stared directly at his face. Lestat cut his eye at him and turned on the flat tv in front of them. Louis' thought instantly of mortals of crowding around their television sets and he chuckled to himself.

Lestat who been quite tensed loosened up at the sight of Louis smiling and laughing at the tv. Louis looked over at him with a warm smile and Lestat laid his head back on the couch. Finally feeling a little more relax, he looked up looking into to the deep green eyes now looking down at him and spoke softly. "Louie, have I ever told you..." He stopped in mid-sentence and looked over to see Claudia standing in front in them now. His tension and troubled thoughts flooded back all at once as the child-like vampire spoke.

"Oh how touching. Watching tv like two mortal fools, while I sit around miserable. I can go on how silly you two look right about now, but I will save my breath..."
"Yes, please do. Your blocking the tv," Lestat said now sitting back up. Louis turned up the tv trying to look around Claudia's small frame.
"Madam, move please." Louis politely said turning the volume up more. Claudia shot Louis a glare despite his tone of voice and sat down scowling. Lestat who been barely paying attention now looked at the newswoman who had been speaking and decided to listened in.

"...the police are suspecting serial killer is on the loose as body after body has been found drained of their blood. Some of the victim necks have been slit along with broken. Investigators say they don't understand how the killer is doing this, but he or she seems to be only targeting men. If have any tips or if have seen anything out of the ordinary, please call us....
"A vampire. A very stupid one. Very bold though, but very stupid. One from this century most likely. Idiot..." Lestat mumbled.

"Most likey messy or wants attention. Or could be very ignorant as you say." Louis now turned the volume down as the news went to commercial. Claudia now looked between them slightly confused.
"I barely understood a word he said and what this have to do with us, Louis?"

"Nothing my darling. Idol chit chat. Do you need something?"

She looked at Louis and then Lestat. "No. Not at all. Don't include me into anything I see. Fine!" She then stormed off angrily upstairs mumbling curses under her breath. Lestat almost smiled if he had won something, but remained nonchalant.
"So Lestat I think she is gone. She doesn't need to know about anything of the sort. She is already quite fearful of the many new vampires fearless nature and some of the ancient ones still following the rules of their time. Best to leave her ignorant of such things for now. This could bring great trouble to us. To make it on the news as some common murderer..."

"Louie, don't worry so much. This happens almost everyday. Whoever it is will stop soon enough. Now I would like to spend a quiet evening without that brat popping up and ruining it. How sicking she is with her whining. She's worse than you!"
Louis rolled his eyes and turned off the tv. He stood up and stared down at blond, appearing to have remembered something.

"So what were you saying earlier monsieur? Have I ever told you..?"

Lestat smiled and playfully looked over at Louis. "I forgot. Oops..."
Louis rolled his eyes again. "But, you never forget anything my dear brat prince."

He smiled again. "Don't worry about it. You whine too much."
Daniel slept soundly for the first time in days since Armand had appeared. The vampire have been keeping him up with his long drawn out stories and often appeared out of thin air causing Daniel's heart to skip a beat everytime. Some of this was pretty normal for Daniel when it came to his noctunal companion. Armand often forgot how it was to be human, but lately it seem to be attentionally.

"Daniel are you awake?"

"Hmmm..." Daniel looked up and almost rolled out of bed at the sight of the tall vampire staring down at him. He turned his back to the vampire refusing to meet the pericing amber eyes.
"I need to feed....and you have yet to tell me what your hiding. You owe me!" The vampire sounded slightly annoyed and Daniel wondered if it was some way to escape out the door.

"Oh don't play sleep now my dear Daniel. Tonight has only just begun. We're going out tonight!"


  1. Yay new chappie!!! :)
    Armand looks rough.

  2. lol I try change all there looks so they won't be wearing the same clothes every chapter. Unfortunately I forgot to change Caludia's clothes. xD He does look a bit rough. I think it's the hair and annoyed expression. :P

  3. It just makes it seem like he had a very bad day and needs blood ASAP!


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