Monday, May 28, 2012

Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 16-

I told you it was a theme tonight! Yay! I got extremely lucky doing this chapter! I needed a police car in this one and out of the blue one popped up right in view right as I was shooting! Then I needeed a mic and realized showtime had a mic. Tried that animation and it worked. So I had time and luck on my side with this one. No Louis and Lestat in this one either, but they'll be back. Instead check out the new characters. Enjoy!

-Chapter 16: The Sound of Sirens-
"So what's all the commotion? Daniel said taking another sip of coffee from his cup watching another police car pass them by. The mortal was pulling another all nighter with Armand by his side. They walked at a normal pace taking in the scenery and talked for what seemed like hours. It was eerie how normal it seemed considering the nights before and the company he kept, but it was a relief to take a break from being in tremendous fear. Even more nice to get away from Lestat and the sickening idea of moving in with him, but the only thing that seemed to different tonight was the sounds of sirens.

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT -1 Scores!

Back with the vampire theme tonight. I got 1st!!!!!! Woooooo! I'm so happy! *dances*
 For the story click here! So scores you say...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Rick, Shane, and Lori from The Walking Dead! Thoughts?

I think I'm finally finish with the guys. I know I said Rick was easy, but I totally take it back now. lol I finish Lori record time today though. Took me only today to finish. That's extremely fast compare the days I spent on the guys and my usual pace doing celebs. Carl is next I think. Kids are usually easy....usually. When he's finished I will upload the first Walking Dead household.

P.S. Rick hair color is off. I know. >_>

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT -1 Pic + Story!

Sticking with the vampire theme....

My headshot for NiNjahawkz's comp:
Now for the picture:
Click read more to read the story behind the picture! We had to do 2 -3 paragraphs and I did 4, so it's a long one!

Has anyone seen "Money From Stangers"?

On MTV? OMG it's so stupid, but funny! I was just watching it cracking up! They ask random people off the street if they want make some money and if they accept they have to do all these random things in a random places or stores to get certain amounts of money. None of the people in the places know what's going on, so they often look at them like they are nuts or they sometimes call the police on them. I could never do that show! I would be too busy laughing or too embarrassed to even attempt some of that stuff. One lady had to plank in the middle of a restaurant just now and water their plants with cream. The people who worked there of course were like WTF! Then it was this one guy who got thrown out after he smashed a watermelon on the floor and screamed touchdown as he was leaving. Mindless fun. You have to see it I guess. Sounds dumb written out like this, but it's too funny. I hate MTV now, but it's better than that Jersey crap they put on.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 15-

Agh this chapter was hard! I actually needed the pose player to pull it off. Hope you like it. Also check out my odd couple models making an appearance. Since Claudia is alive in my universe, she got away from Armand by burning down his coven theater. She'll mention that. Ah she's wonderful isn't she? Enjoy.

-Chapter 15: Silence-
Claudia awoke not long after the sun had set. Her mind filled with the memories of the night before, she began examining the room that set before her.
She had barely had any time to truly look around and what she saw amazed her. It seemed almost like a dream. The room was a perfect vision of white and gold interior. Simply stunning and almost too perfect for a guest like herself. "Is this a trick? A trap?" she wondered. Only a knock on the door brought her back to the reality and just as she expected it was Veronica.

Eternity of the Damned Returns -Summary: Ch1 to Ch 14-

After many months of writers block and the whole thing just slipping my mind, I have decided to go back doing my vampire story. I almost gave it up due to it being so long since I last updated, but with some encouragement I said ah I'll give it a shot. I should really get a metal for making it to 14 chapters. lol To somewhat summarize what happen in all 14 chapters....

Warning: May contain spoilers. This is for you lazy folks who need a refresher! xD

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Odd Couple Assignment 3 Pic + Scores

Arnie + Maggie by Pink - 86/90
I'm not very romantic. When I try to be I always mess up, but despite everything Maggie still loves me. That's something special right there, so I've decided I got to plan something tonight. She's been working hard at her new job as a waitress and I've been busy with work too. Tonight will be the perfect night to take her star gazing. I know she isn't into astronomy that much, but tonight will be perfect. I'll dress up really nice, do my hair for once, and set up a nice little picnic. Then we can wish upon a shooting star and kiss under the moonlight. I can see it now! It'll be the perfect surprise just for you Maggie.

Have you ever just wanted to be alone? Today is one of those days.

I'm so sick of being judged and watched today. Leave me alone FFS! Everywhere I go, I gotta look at someone. I can't even watch a concert on tv without someone being right behind me watching with me. Then when it's someone they don't like or don't fit their mold as an musician, here come the complaints! "Who's that? You like this music? Ew this sounds boring or this sucks!" Seriously piss off if you don't like it! I like indie rock! I love Florence and the machine! It's none of your business! People are people. I shouldn't feel ashamed or embarrassed. I shouldn't get looked at as weird just because I wanted listen to her. Everybody should be allowed to listen to any genre they want! Who are you to tell me what to listen to?! Ugh. I hate stereotypes!!! Then they wonder why it's so much hate in the world.

End of rant

Now that I've got that out. I can go test my game. I just finished blowing air into my pc. I couldn't even be alone doing that. >_>

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Agh! I don't know what to do with myself!

I'm scare to start my game, because my computer is being weird again and freezing. I haven't cleaned it in awhile which is probably why. Whenever I clean it due to freezing or crashing, it acts normal. The stupid fans inside this computer are so freaking small and my desk is a dusk magnet. Grrrr!

Anyway, I started a sim project. I had started this a weeks ago, but I went back to it. I made Shane/ Jon Bernthal from the Walking Dead. Since I figured he would be the hardest to make (and he is so far), I decided to start with him.
How did it go? Well sims are too damn pretty, but I guess it isn't too bad. >_>
I wish I could make him look a little more rougher, but ah I'll work on him again.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LOL at Mare's 'Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This'

I was wondering when you would notice.

Over at Vidkid20′s Sim Lair comes the moral tale of why some bloggers should never be allowed unrestricted access to the internet and their Sims 3 game when they’ve the first litre bottle of summer cider in the house.

Bwhahaha you know I love to tease you Mares. Someone has to do it. And I'm not done with Liam. Let the summer of sillyness begin! ;P

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sweet Dreams Liam (A short story)

*Yawns* "Where am I? That was sure a good nap."

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I will only buy the Diesel Stuff Pack if....

...the men from this ad or the other smexy ads I've seen deliver it to my house shirtless. *drools and fans self*
In all seriousness check out the forum. Looks like it's real.

So far I haven't seen anything to make me jump out my seat. I will consider it if they add some really good street/realistic clothing and more clothing for guys.

P.S. Guess that KP Stuff pack didn't go over so well. xP

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Odd Couple Assignment 2 Pic + Scores

1st again! Not my best pic though.

Arnie + Maggie by Pink - 59/60
Arnie was always shy. Even as a kid you could find him sitting alone reading a book or off day dreaming somewhere during recess. It got to a point where he just didn't relate to the other kids and he felt completely alone. Well one day a new kid arrived. Her name was Maggie and she was a bit different too. When all the other girls wanted to play with their barbie dolls or talk about girl things, you could find Maggie playing in the dirt. She was your typical tom boy. Her clothes never matched and she loved playing with the boys. They began calling her the "weird girl" as time went on. Then one day after being turned away even by the boys in her class, she decided to say hello to the "nerd boy". She had never really notice him before, but barely anyone notice him when he wasn't rasing his hand in class.

"Hi my name is Maggie. What's yours?"

"Umm..Arnie. Hi."

"Hi Arnie. Are those ants you're looking at?

"Yeah why?"

"I love bugs! Can I play with you?"

"Huh? A girl who likes bugs? Weird," he would think at the time.

"Um sure..."
It would be a decision that would change his life forever. If only he knew the girl he even called weird would be the love of his life.

Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm awake. Hmm what to post? New Roxie pics!

Why not dirty up my new template with something cute. :)

*yawns* Night.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yep I did it again and maybe more to come... Updated with banner!

Why? Because all the red was getting on my nerves. Blogger needs to update their stupid backgrounds. Instead of worrying about their butt ugly new interface, get some new backgrounds!!! That is all.

Edit: Ooooo I found a custom background. :D

Edit 2: Yeah now the banner doesn't match. Time for a new one. :)

Edit 3: After being busy all day with scores, I made the banner. A doll theme one with a certain vampire doll in the back. Ohhh and I learned how outline letters!!! ;)
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