Friday, May 18, 2012

Have you ever just wanted to be alone? Today is one of those days.

I'm so sick of being judged and watched today. Leave me alone FFS! Everywhere I go, I gotta look at someone. I can't even watch a concert on tv without someone being right behind me watching with me. Then when it's someone they don't like or don't fit their mold as an musician, here come the complaints! "Who's that? You like this music? Ew this sounds boring or this sucks!" Seriously piss off if you don't like it! I like indie rock! I love Florence and the machine! It's none of your business! People are people. I shouldn't feel ashamed or embarrassed. I shouldn't get looked at as weird just because I wanted listen to her. Everybody should be allowed to listen to any genre they want! Who are you to tell me what to listen to?! Ugh. I hate stereotypes!!! Then they wonder why it's so much hate in the world.

End of rant

Now that I've got that out. I can go test my game. I just finished blowing air into my pc. I couldn't even be alone doing that. >_>

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