Wednesday, May 23, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT -1 Pic + Story!

Sticking with the vampire theme....

My headshot for NiNjahawkz's comp:
Now for the picture:
Click read more to read the story behind the picture! We had to do 2 -3 paragraphs and I did 4, so it's a long one!

-The Opening Act-
They say to be a great performer, one must suffer for their art. I only wish I had knew my passion would change me forever. On a cool December night, I had locked myself up in my studio in hopes to finish a piece I was working on. I had almost finish when I heard the screams of my sister, Eleanor from the next room. She had been sick with a fever for a few days now. The doctor had order her to bed rest and my father had gave the hired help strict orders to take care of her every need. When I arrived at her room one of our maids were already comforting her and she was sweating profusely. At the sight of me her eyes widen and she reached out for me. I went to her bedside immediately and she told me she had a horrible dream. At the time I though nothing of it. I thought it was simply a feverish dream, but it would be indeed a premonition of sorts. She had told me she had a dream of me being murdered on stage for all the world to see tonight. That a man in a mask would commit such an act and that my blood would be spilled everywhere. I laughed at the thought of it, but now that I look back I should of listen to her.

Well after laughing off such a dream, I insured her I would be fine. That I wouldn’t go out tonight or even go near the theater. I told her I would paint her something beautiful instead. It was only when I told her this she would find peace and fall back to sleep, but in my heart I knew I had lied to her. I had to go to the theater. I had to finish my piece and the theater gave me inspiration. Letting what could be my finest work go on unfinished tonight would be a tragedy in itself and if I missed the opportunity to finally get a part on stage I would never forgive myself. So after waiting a few hours to make sure she had indeed fallen back to sleep, I slipped out into the night.

When I reached the theater, my mind did wonder to the dream she had told me about, but I shook it off and enter the theater like I’ve done so many nights before. Stepping in did gave me a slight chill down my spine, but I continued on to see something was indeed different tonight. The usual lively stage was empty and the theater was dimly lit. A man who had been sweeping, stop to greet me walking from the other side of the theater. He told me that the shows today were canceled and they were only practicing, but I was welcomed to stay. At this moment, I did have some regret and thought of returning home, but my legs carried me to the stage anyway. So big and grand it felt strange to be standing in front of the rows of seats like a real performer. I had did it a few times before, but tonight it actually felt like someone was actually watching me from those empty seats. I lifted my hands up and bowed feeling somewhat jovial at the thought. Then a thought crossed my mind. “Where were all the actors?”

I then heard voices and giggles echo around me. I turned around to see no one was there, but then I heard another voice. I looked to the right of me to see a sharply dressed man with a top hat coming towards me. He was smiling and he appeared to be wearing a mask. My breathe caught in my throat at the sight of him and instantly thought of Eleanor’s dream. Before I could think to move or step backward away from the man, a woman grabbed me from behind, and then another woman grabbed my ankles. Before I could scream, the man in the mask put his hand on my mouth and his eyes looked into mine. I paused looking at them feeling hypnotized by them almost, but then he open his mouth to reveal fangs and he sunk them into my neck. I then found my voice to scream, but before I could make out what they were doing blood was everywhere. I felt immense pain in this moment, but I also felt something change inside me as he drank more and more of my blood. He whisper in my ear he would save me from death and then I felt blood enter my mouth as I closed my eyes. I don’t remember much after that. I only remember that would be the day I would see my last sunrise and that would be the day I would be reborn.

Scores for this should be coming up soon hopefully. I'm really proud of my writing for this, so I hope someone reads it. >_<

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