Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eternity of the Damned Returns -Summary: Ch1 to Ch 14-

After many months of writers block and the whole thing just slipping my mind, I have decided to go back doing my vampire story. I almost gave it up due to it being so long since I last updated, but with some encouragement I said ah I'll give it a shot. I should really get a metal for making it to 14 chapters. lol To somewhat summarize what happen in all 14 chapters....

Warning: May contain spoilers. This is for you lazy folks who need a refresher! xD

Lestat is living alone in the modern world. He is playing his piano when he hears something outside. He goes to look and bumps into Louis, who hasn't seen centuries. He's happy, but at the same time upset the guy just shows up after all the this time. So he welcomes him in, but he brings in a unwanted surprise in the foam of Claudia. The girl who tried to kill Lestat. Let dysfunctional family plot begin...

So Claudia and Lestat are less than thrilled to see each other and start arguing instantly. Louis tries to break it up only to get depressed and Claudia runs out into the city. Sooo Lestat decides to cheer up Louis by going to look for her.

Louis gets Lestat to take him out on a tour of the city. With all the tension between them and Claudia, they need a break. They go clubbing, drinking (as in blood), and Lestat even plays a little guitar. Then unknowingly from above someone is watching them. Daniel, the boy reporter who inviewed Louis. :o

More clubbing for Louis and Lestat, only this time Daniel follows them. Stalker much? Well after watching them all night, Daniel decides to go home and get some rest. Too bad Armand is there for a visit. 

You basically get to see Armand's relationship with Daniel. Kinda a short chapter. Basically Daniel refuses to tell him about Lestat and Louis. Armand takes it out on him with fangs.

Lestat and Louis decides to watch some tv. Claudia is in the way being annoying. They watch the news and find out that a serial killer is on the loose. Lestat figures it's just some stupid vampire, Claudia storms out because she's feeling ignored, and the story goes back to Daniel who's trying to sleep. That of course doesn't last long with cranky Armand around.

Armand drags Daniel off into the night to feed. He finds a victim and gets her drunk. Then after some time Daniel wants to go home. Armand agrees after threatening him of course and then they set out for home, only to realize Daniel has left his wallet at the bar. So Daniel goes back and runs into a mystery woman, who kisses him right on the lips.

Lestat and Louis go out for the night leaving Claudia alone. Claudia yells at them when they return and storms upstairs. Unknowingly to them Claudia has been sneaking out herself to find a new companion.

Daniel goes looking for Armand by himself, only to run into Claudia and the woman from the club.

Chapter 10: The Prey Part 1
Lestat and Louis are on the hunt for Claudia. They go clubbing in a vampire bar and meet up with a few modern vampires. *special chapter with other player's vamps*

Chapter 11: The Prey Part 2
Armand is on the look out for Daniel's new admirer. He decides to dig up some dirt on her in a vampire club bringing poor Daniel along. Luckily Daniel gets saved by another vampire.

Chapter 12: The Reunion
Claudia wakes in a strange mansion while Daniel, Armand, Lestat, and Louis meet up.

Chapter 13: The Guest
Claudia has been invited to be a guest at Veronica's (the mystery woman) home. She rats Lestat and Louis out in hopes to stay.

Chapter 14: The Offer
Daniel wakes up in Lestat's home, Armand tricks Lestat, and they all agreed to work together to find Veronica.

Chapter 15 coming your way. Nervous. Hope you like it. >_<

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