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Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 14-

Yes, I finally did it. Sorry for the wait. :/ Daniel is quite useless in this chapter, but I'll give him something more to do as it goes on. Anyway, nothing you don't alredy know if you're been reading, so enjoy!

-Chapter 14: The Offer-
"Armand, help...vampires..." the motal mumbled in his sleep. The previous night had been a long one full of vampires and unspeakable horrors.
Nothing too unsual for Daniel Molloy, but still exhausted he awoke from his deep slumber. He laid there feeling what he thought what was his bed and stretched feeling a hard cushion beneath his head. With his eyes still closed, he continued stretching and rolled over hitting the floor.

"Ow! What the hell?!" he said immediately opening his eyes. He was neither in his bed or even at his apartment. He looked around to see a silver couch and realized he must of fallen off it just now. Still trying figure out why he would be sleeping on a strange couch, he examined the room around him while getting up slowly.

"A living room? Tacky silver couches, obnoxious bright red piano....quite spacious, but the furiture is horrible."

"Well hello..." a voice said behind him in a cold tone. He jumped turning around to meet the cold grayish eyes of Lestat and gasped.
"You don't like my furniture?"


"Don't look so scare. I don't bite," the blonde vampire chuckled. "And look you cut yourself when you fell! Let me help you. This just can't do"
" I'm fine," Daniel said backing away. The fear in his face unmistakable. "I think I'll go home now. It's small. I'll be ok. Thanks"

"No you can't. You're my guest!" Lestat insisted reaching out for Daniel. The fear of the mortal filled him with delight and a sense of hunger despite just feeding a few hours earlier. "Armand would kill me," he thought grinning with delight.

"Lestat stop teasing him. He's our house guest and Armand will return soon. I don't think it would be wise to make Armand furious with you since he may help us find Claudia." Louis said standing a feet away from them now.

"I'm just having a little fun with him. Don't be so serious," Lestat retorted back rolling his eyes and backing away a little from the now stunned Daniel.

"Your fun isn't the same as mine and his."

"What? Just because I'm not buried in a book, I'm not allow to have fun? I would never hurt Armand's little pet" he said patting mortal's head playfully.
"Lestat. Enough already." Louis sighed sitting down holding a book in his hand. "Daniel, do you need anything? Armand has went out to get a few things I believe. Try to make yourself at home. Don't worry about him. Take a seat."

Daniel looked between them confused, but sat down as Louis suggested back onto the couch. He sat there wondering what to do next, when the tv in front of him turned on without warning. He turned around to see Louis pointing the remote casually at the tv. He stopped and smiled at Daniel offering the remote, but Daniel quietly refused.
He was in no mood to watch tv after what just happened. He sat silently as Lestat hit a few keys of his piano and the 11:00 o'clock news came flashing amongst the screen.

"Tonight yet another murder has occurred and police are on the on the lookout for what they now believe to be a serial killer. Men ranging from early 20's to late 40's are being killed nightly in the same disturbing way. The killer has been known in every incident to slit their necks and drains them completely of their blood leaving medical examiners puzzled. Police have also found a calling card in the form of a single lipstick kiss imprint on their cheeks, which indicate the murderer may be female. With such a strange way of inflicting death on their victims, some conspirators are even jumping to the conclusions that this is a works of vampires, but of course the police are not taking this in a laughing matter and are planing to stop this murderer as soon as possible. If you see or know anything that can help, please call...."

Daniel who had been still in shock had stopped to listen. He wasn't into the news much anymore, but this story seem capture his interest. When he was sure the reporter had finished, he sat there stunned and looked white as a sheet. He wasn't sure why, but he felt connected to this story in some way.

"Silly vampire going get themselves caught with such foolish behavior," Lestat mumbled getting up from the piano to look out the glass doors. Louis and Daniel looked up at him, then back at the tv.
"I'm beginning to wonder if the news is talking about her now." he said making Daniel wonder if he was reading his mind. They all knew who the her he spoke of now. The woman they all seem to be seeking. The same thought seemed to cross all their minds as neither of them spoke. None of them even noticing Armand had returned.
"Did I miss something?" he said looking between them with a confused expression.

"You miss the news," Lestat said breaking the silence.


"Armand, why the hell am I here?" Daniel jumped up from the couch snapping out of his trance.

"Well hello to you too!"

"Armand this isn't funny. Why am I here?"

"You had to sleep somewhere."


"Well last night after the club, we all decided to meet up at Lestat's house."

"We all?" Lestat said glaring at Armand.
"Don't interrupt me! Like I was saying we decided to meet up here after the club. We took a taxi and on the way there, you fell asleep. I was going have the taxi driver turn around and take us to your apartment, but I decided to just let you sleep here. Louis said it was ok..."

"I didn't approve."

Armand shot Lestat another dirty look and Lestat came closer glaring back with the same intensity. Louis put down his book sighing and pushed the two out of the way. He walked to the front door, opened it, and came back carrying an newspaper.
Both Lestat and Armand had stopped to stare at him while Daniel looked on curiously. Louis opened the newspaper and threw it to Armand who caught it without much thought.

"You asked what you missed? There you go. Front page." Louis said sitting back down and opening his book again. Armand opened it and read through the story quickly. Within seconds, he was done and threw the newspaper onto couch. Lestat who had been reading it over his shoulder sat down forgetting all about the argument.

"So we all caught up now?"

"Yes, so what were saying about Claudia last night?"

"I believe Claudia is with the vampire we seek. If you help us, I'm sure you will finally get to meet her face to face."

"Louis, if Claudia is with her than she either dead or up to no good. When you make them that young, it never turns out well."

"Armand, this isn't the time for that conversation."

"But you said it yourself last night that she planned on leaving. What makes you think she wants to be found?" Armand said bluntly, but feeling a hint of regret of saying it such a way.
Louis winced at the thought and rub his temples thinking about the angelic vampire. The guilt from so many centuries ago still plaguing his mind, he felt obligated to protect her. They had fought like this many times before, but she would always come back each time. Even with Lestat now back in their lives, she never stayed out too long alone. With no knowledge of the city and modern vampires, she was definitely a target.

"Well Armand, can you at least help us find her and talk to her. I can't leave her with such unstable vampire. She's all over the news. Do you really think she'll be safe with such immortal?"

"Does it matter? Is it that hard for you to accept that Claudia has moved on?"

Louis closed his eyes feeling the sting of Armand words again. Lestat who had been quiet the whole time, nodded in agreement. "He's right you know."

Louis shook his head trying to not think of the idea. "I need some air." he said getting up and opening the glass doors and shutting them behind him. Walking out into the night, he left Armand and Lestat standing there in silence. Daniel, who had been listening said nothing. Armand shrugged his shoulders and sat beside Daniel frowning.
Lestat deep in thought wonder what to do next. It had been ages since he seen Louis look so depressed and defeated. He hated the little brat and he found such mood swings to be annoying, but he didn't want Louis leaving again.


"What?" Armand mumbled casually looking up at him from the couch.

"So when did you become a coward?"

"What? What did you say?"

"I asked when did you become a coward? This woman must have you shaking in your boots. If I was you I would want to go after her. She totally embarrassed you."

"Coward? Embarrassed me?"

"She has tried to get Daniel twice now, but yet you sit here doing nothing. She even brainwash the poor sap into coming to her. She basically screaming challenge me! Don't you want protect property?"

"Property? I'm not property!" Daniel mumbled under his breath pouting.

"Shut up," Armand grumbled. "What are getting at Lestat? Do take me for some fool? If I want to find this woman, I'll find her on my own! I don't need you!"
"But you do my dear Armand! While you were having a chat with Louis, I was downstairs getting all the info needed to find her." he said waving a piece of paper in his face. Armand went to grab for it, but it quickly disappeared with a flash. Cursing angrily he stood up staring Lestat down.

"You could always waste time asking around some more and risk putting poor Daniel in more danger, but that's your decision," Lestat said smirking. "Louis and I will be going without you I guess."

Before Armand could speak, Louis returned looking sullen as ever. He stopped looking at the two vampires with a puzzled expression.

"Armand said he's going help us. Isn't that right Armand?" a devilish smile spreading upon his face, but it quickly disappeared as Armand smiled back at him with the same mischief in his eyes.
"Oh yes I will help. I will be happy to help and with Lestat offer, I couldn't resist!" Armand said trying to muffle his laughter as Lestat looked utterly confused.

Louis puzzled himself asked the question Lestat had on his mind, "What offer is that?"

"Well Lestat why don't you tell him yourself. He offer me a place to stay here and I accepted of course." Armand said smirking at the blonde vampire.

The expression of Lestat face was priceless as he open his mouth to protest, but said nothing as he clinched his fist in anger.

"You...." he stammered.

"That's not worry dear Louis with those details now. We can discuss that later. I bid you goodnight gentlemen." he said pulling an equally stunned Daniel along with him.
They both left quickly out the front door leaving Lestat dumbfounded and Louis confused, but happy he wasn't going in alone. As for Daniel, it was just another long night and he expected many more to come from what he heard.

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