Thursday, December 15, 2011

America's Got Talent- Goodbye, I'm done! (TV rant)

Well they have announced of America's Got Talent new judge and I'm not liking their choice at all! I was already kinda bum that Piers was leaving, but now they have sunk a brand new low! Sure Piers was an ass, but he fit the show and I knew it would be hard to replace him. Now they totally lost me as a viewer! Totally! They pick Howard Stern to judge! Howard Stern judging talent?! He has no f'ing talent and he has no class what so ever! I'm beyond pissed at NBC for this choice. This is a family show and I don't care if he's going be on ps and qs. He is still a disgusting shock jock with no class, no judging skill, or anything remotely called talent. Maybe he could be a good judge if this was a wet t-shirt contest, but this is a f'ing talent show with kids and real people trying get somewhere!

Now I complained a little when Howie joined, but I could put up with him. He didn't come in with a nasty attitude or ego and he can be funny at times. Well Stern is already boasting about how he's going be Piers on steroids, that he's going change stuff and try be in charge of things. He even had a nerve to say he was worth more than they were giving him. Like really? Nice way to start off douchebag! This isn't all his fault though. NBC has helped with his ego by moving the show from California to New York to accommodate him. Like FFS how desperate can they be? Do they want raise ratings with him that badly?

The whole show is going be focus on him rather than the talent now I bet. Already looking like it's going be about him or what outrageous things he does rather than anyone else. Well they lost me as a viewer. I can't even stand looking at his face and he's already made a very bad impression on me. Don't want him and I won't watch! Watched every season, but now I'm done. They killed it for me.

Another show scratched off my list! It joins American Idol, America's Top Model (which has got boring), Two and A Half Men, and a few other shows network morons have ruined for me. Thanks. Hopefully my guity pleasure Fear Factor keeps it up, Celebrity Wife Swap gives me a few laughs, and the Walking Dead comes back strong. Amazing Race also should be returning hopefully. Barely anything on these days. :/


  1. I'm getting kinda tired of those shows, so this may be a good chance to watch some other types. A lot of the talent on those shows get nowhere like you said so it can be pointless. Kinda sad. :/  

  2. I know. I don't know what hole they found him in, but I wish they would throw him back in. I would of took almost anybody over him. Ew.

  3. I've always though that kind of show was a bit pointless really. There are so many different acts, the judges can't possibly know what they're talking about. I know most people go on there to sing, but there are HUNDREDS of amazing talents that are ignored because no one understands it :I
    I have no idea who Howard Stem  is, but he doesn't sound too great. Judging is harder than it looks, and with no experience, he'll be pretty useless!
    Speaking from experience :)

  4. Howard Stern, Really!?
    I've never heard anyone say they like him only the opposite.
    Why is he even still around?  He's disgusting.



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