Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Late Night 2.0: It's Showtime!

I'm kinda bitter and disappointed about this one. I think I've gone from angry, to wanting it, to angry again all in one day. It's Late Night Part 2 with facebook really, but it has 3 major things I want. It has my precious pool table, singing, and DJs. It also gives the bonus of the magicians career. About time they got something to do! Does it have enough to satisfy me? So far hell no. The only thing EA has advertised so far is this stupid social media feature and the rest seems to be just things that was left out Late Night on purpose.

So why on purpose you say? To save it for ep like this that would easily to slide facebook in of course. I believe they signed a contract with facebook as soon all the little FB crap starting popping up on the site, this is when the plans were in the works. Late Night has always felt incomplete with the little holes they left. Clubs without djs, bands without lead singers, and bars without pool tables. Then you got the magician who have been around since the base game and daredevil trait that does nothing. They planned to leave out things for awhile just for a opportunity like this! EA are sneaky little pricks and they have always been like this. If they aren't trying con us off with the store, its with eps and sps. Honestly I would rather they con us with the store than this!

My beef with facebook on this is that EA has been forcing this crap on us for awhile and now they are basically telling us to make one with this ep. They are basically saying that we might not be able to have the full quality of the game without sharing on FB. Now I want to believe that it's too early to assume, but from what I read it may be true. I know for sure I do not want to buy a game that will only give me half of the experience, because I don't want make a damn facebook! It cost too much money for that! Anyway, I don't t want my game connected to the internet either as I have enough problems keeping the damn thing stable. I also don't want corrupted cc, virus, and porn coming into my game via facebook (if I was to make one) either. We all know some idiot will think it's clever to do that. Just look at the exchange. Honestly when I sit down and play the actual game, I don't want to chat and if I want to share, I do it here!

As for the actual stuff people do want, it's not enough. It's such small amount of stuff right now it should of been in LN. It's really not fair they would treat their players like this. They knew we wanted these things way before LN even came out and now they feature it in a ep that looks like LN's bastard child? They have some nerve. I don't know how many are going buy it. I'm still not sure if I'm buying it, but whatever the case EA took a nosedive with this one. A brand new low. Didn't think it was possible.

Will I buy it? I can't say, but you know I must rant about it.

P.S. What happen to my poker table from Sims 2?!! Pool table, but no poker table? They better add it!

Sorry I couldn't resist. xP


  1. Even if it's social features on our simpages or some sort of pseudo FB wall, it's still not something I want in the game. Anyway how are the walls connected? It can't all be in-game.

  2. Info on the strategic agreement is here Why would EA set up their own social networking system with that kind of deal in place?

  3. Now people are saying it's won't be facebook, but a in-game wall. That doesn't sound great either. I'm not happy about this one. Just seems to be lacking in content. I think I could get over all the social network stuff if it had more stuff. I'm not excited at all or in any rush to get it. :/

  4. What a lame joke this Expansion is.

  5. I hate the way EA is always forcing FB on us -_- Its not that great you know! Do you think they've signed some sort of deal together? :/
    Well, either way, I don't have Facebook and I'm not letting EA con me into getting it :) I probably won't get it to be honest (although that's not saying much. I don't have Generations or Pets either!)

  6. Nope ! I don't like it.

  7. I deleted my FB account about a year ago, so yeah...PASS!

    Way  to turn a goldmine into a pile of shit, EA!

  8. hate is too nice a word for what i feel about this 'EP'

  9. Showtime and it's 'social features' - no like from me.  If they can hack Mark Zuckerberg's FB account, what chance do the rest of us have to hold onto our privacy?  

  10. This should be the moto of the EP in the words of Megyn Kelly...

    Showtime. It's Late Night, essentially


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