Tuesday, December 27, 2011

High on sugar and my new 3DS! *drools*

I just dragged myself away from my DS. All I've been doing is eating sweets and playing my 3DS. I got the limited edition pink one too with nintendogs for Xmas. <3 Now the 3D kinda does screws with my eyes a bit, but I turn it off a lot. I already have bad vision, so I really don't need to make it worse. I feel like I'm going crossed eye sometimes when it's turn all the way up. lol I have do the 3D feature in small doses I guess.

As for sweets, Wii Fit will probably tell me I gained and call me a fat ass again. lol I don't even want get on a scale right now after yesterday. Amazing homemade sweet potato pie, apple cake(with real apple pieces in it), and a cute tree shape cake. I had a piece of the tree cake yesterday and a slice of sweet potato today. We also had dinner yesterday, which didn't help at all. I'm going hate myself after it's all gone. Thanksgiving was bad enough. I definitely need to exercise. My jeans were a little tight when I put them on yesterday. I feel so guilty. I know what my New Year's revolution is this year. >_<

Also I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! :)


  1. Oooo Zelda! I almost got that. As for the 3D, I rarely turn it on. I like it for the menu games, but thats about it for the moment.

  2. It's not many choices for 3DS games. I'm actually going take one of the games I got back and see if I can find another one.

    I almost got the red one too, but the pink one was too tempting. :P

    edit: I like the menus also and the AR game with the cards.

  3. I don't think I have one yet. I'm actually trying to get the internet connection working on it now.

    I'll email you once I do. Promise. :)

  4. I got a 3DS months ago. I got the Aqua colored one. Yes, the very first one. -___- what are your Friend Codes? Let's Add each other :)

  5. I gave my son a red 3DS for xmas. I got myself Zelda Ocarina of Time which is all I've played on it so far. I turned the 3D off though as it's not so good when you're moving around a lot. 

  6. i got a 3DS too! a red one :D i dont have any 3d games yet tho :(
    but i was playing with the menues in 3d and its so awesome!! yeah i will probly turn it off after a while in a full game like that, i can imagine how it would strain the eyeballs


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