Thursday, December 8, 2011

More info on Late Night Showtime

Ok, I'm not completely sold if this will be a must to further progress in your game, but it's nice to know FB won't be part of this. I actually wouldn't mind trying the simport thing with my friends here. I would even make cc free versions of my sims if needed. Might be fun.

Throwing things on stage seems cool! I think they will probably be the best part about this simport thing IMO. As for the other stuff, I just hope it doesn't bog down my game. All that stuff in the trailer looks like a bunch of lag. I just want the pool table, dj booth, and singing. Magic and acrobats don't excite me really. Even though this does look like late 2.0, I might give it a chance.

How about you guys? Has your opinion changed now?


  1. I have no faith that EA will do this correctly but I can't stop myself from buying it.    >.<

  2. Still not convinced:

    "Also, these features are an enhancement and expansion upon many of the online features that you’re likely already using in your The Sims 3 game"

    Facebook being one of the online features they have already integrated into the game and on the website.

    It sounds crap and, frankly, desperate. EA are just pandering to the Sims Social crowd and little kiddies who play the game.

  3. yeah i might still come around on this one, too early to tell just yet i guess. i guess im still getting over the anger of the 'rehashed late nght stuff' being passed off as another EP. this really made me mad. they couldnt come up with a better idea?
    i suppose tho, if they manage to do it right, it could be lots of fun to send my sims to you guys games (and vice versa)
    i just have NO faith in EA whatsoever to not totaly fk it al up

  4. I find sims kinda addicting. I dunno. I just want try it now that I know FB won't be involved. Depending on when it comes out, I might get it anyway.

     Haha it would be fun to chat with you and send my sim over to your game AE. I'm sure it will take them awhile to get that working. I wouldn't attempt trying it the first few days with how EA is. I think it's anybody on your friend list can be added, but I really hope they have a block feature too. I think this will either crash and burn or actually work. I'm afraid to find out, but we're see.

    The pool table might show up in the store. You might be able to get all new items via store afterwards Zeir. :) I know what you mean. I wouldn't be getting it if I didn't try the other stuff. Still early. Might change my mind.

  5. im still not sold. these features arent enough to make me shell out more money on this game (that only works half the time i might add) the fact that its only leftovers with this pathetic 'social' aspect tossed in for newness is disgusting.
    i can live without the dam pool table, i have for over a year now, i wont miss it

  6. I'm definitely letting everyone else test it. I've gotten every ep, so I hope it's not a complete waste. >_>

  7. I'll have to agree with Tickle. These are HUGE new things that will be implemented. If I even dream of getting this game, it would be months after its release, because something of this magnitude will likely be THE most buggy, glitchy, and broken Expansion of them all.

    They seem to be shifting towards an MMO in a way, with the addition of being able to send your Sims to another friend's town, or being able to chat with your friends while playing. And how will that work? What about the attention-whores, drama-queens, and psychos? Will they now have access to your in your game? That's just kinda creepy. I imagine that they will have to request permission to chat or bring their sims into your game, but I really hope that there's an option to block them if so.

    Now, honestly, I could test the game and let people know, but I don't know if I want to risk the problems that my game will have from this. On the other hand, my computer and how it reacts to this game is pretty reliable, but I just don't know.

    Now, the concept itself is nice. It would be cool to have a chat with you while I'm playing, Vid. It would also be cool to bring my sim into your town to perform. However, at the same time, I can't imagine how many problems will come with it. They have proven time and time again that their testing obviously sucks. 

    I'd like to garner more information first, but I may, in the interest of trying it out, and playing the role of "beta tester," purchase it, test it out, then write up a view like I did with Pets.

  8. No. EA don't have the best track record in implementing "innovations"  ... memories anyone?  I think I'll wait til it's out and see what damage it does. The EP is still too light on for me so if I get it, it'll most likely be when it comes free with the next EP (unless that's really lame too)! 


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