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Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 11-

Ok, I'm done! Writing it took longer then taking the pictures this time. I have one little detail I left out and that's the bite wound on Daniel's neck. It was too late to go back, so excuse the small mistake. It's kinda a pet peeve for me to leave things out, even something small like this. Try to remember next time.

As anything you need to know about the story, vampires in the book can send each other thoughts like reading minds. They can also do this with humans. One thing they can't do though, is read their maker's minds or vice verse. Lestat and Louis for example can't send or read each other thoughts. Lestat made Louis a vampire of course. Probably why they argue so much in the book. xD I won't say anymore. Just if you see something in italics it's the mind reading thing. Enjoy!

-Chapter 11: The Prey Part 2-
"Armand! Where are we going?" Daniel said following close behind the vampire. He was back to his normal state of being jittery and overall ball of nerves. The least thing he wanted to do was to experience the horror of the night before. He pleaded and beg Armand to stay home, but Armand refused. In fact he literally dragged the poor man out into the night.

"Armand why are we stopping here? The Prey? This doesn't sound good." Daniel thought looking up at the bar's name. Armand turned around to glance at Daniel and then back at the club.

"Daniel, I need you to remain silent and stopped hiding behind me. It's annoying." Armand sending his mental thoughts to Daniel.
"I thought you said you would stop doing that stuff!" Daniel replied back as Armand pulled him around the side of the club.

"I said I wouldn't read your mind for your thoughts. This is entirely different. Vampires are around and I don't need them hearing any of this. This is a vampire club, so I need you to be quiet. Not a word. Not even a whimper here.

A vampire club?! I'm not going anywhere near another vampire after last night! Do want me to get killed?" the human thought.

"Let me be blunt. That woman will gladly finish you off once she finds that you're alone, so you have no choice in the matter! You have to go! I'm trying keep you from getting killed and I need to find out some info on her." Armand thought feeling annoyed.

Daniel stood silent for a minute, wishing he could crawl back leaving the vampire world completely."What do you need me to do?"

Armand smiled and nodded his head. "I need a small favor from you first before I explain. I promise I will give you something in return for all that happens tonight."

"Sure go ahead." Daniel thought sarcastically thinking nothing of it. The vampire smiled and quickly grabbed Daniel in a embrace, biting his neck.
He struggled to get free, but then succumb to it. Armand deeply drink the blood as Daniel closed his eyes feeling his heart beat mingle with the sound of his blood leaving his body. Only did he feel fear, when the vampire didn't stop like he usually did.
He felt his heat beat slow and his body felt extremely cold as the vampire drunk more of his blood. When Armand finished, he let go of Daniel breathing heavily.

"I thought you meant a normal favor!"

"This is normal for us." he thought jokingly. I had to bite you and drain the color from you so you wouldn't look so suspicious. The mortals in this club are split in victims, servant and admirers. If you're going be going in this club I suggest you be my servant. Even though you fit the admirers part quite nicely with your constant moaning about me turning you. Those type often end up being the victims though. As my servant no one should attack you or feed on you...hopefully."

"What? Hopefully?" Daniel said aloud looking at Armand nervously. Armand grabbed him and pulled him towards the club saying not another word. When they reach the entrance two vampires outside looked over the two and then squarely at Daniel.
Armand frowned and glared at Daniel."Hurry up and get inside. You are wasting time!" He said loudly making Daniel jump and directing the attention on himself. Daniel walked in looking around the large dance floor. Vampires appeared to everywhere as he watch them dance and talk amongst themselves. Only a few figures caught his eye, as he looked at the mortal bartender and another mortal who appeared to be sitting alone. The bartender looked ghastly to Daniel and he almost didn't realize he was human. "Is that what Armand was talking about?" he thought to himself. He then looked over at the mortal woman who's neck appeared to slashed open. He gagged at the sight of her feeling his own wounded neck and the urge of wanting to leave again came back. He then felt Armand hand on his shoulder giving him a reassuring nudge.They then walked over to a couch where two female twin vampires and an immortal man sat laughing amongst themselves.
"What do you want?" the male vampire spoke. He looked at Daniel and licked his lips. Daniel not even thinking backed away bumping into Armand who frowned. He grabbed Daniel by his shirt collar and sat him down in the chair close by.

"Is he new at this?" one of the twins vampires said eyeing Daniel.

"Of course. Do you think I would have such imbecile for a servant. I have hope he will turn into something useful"

"You have more patience than me. I can't stand mortals these days." The male vampire said smirking at Daniel. He took a drink of what look what blood and crossed his legs staring at Armand with wonder. "So what brings you to me? Who the hell are you?"

"My name is no importance to you. I prefer to remain anonymous as I'm not from around here. I'm just a simple immortal traveler who heard of your services. I just want to know where can I find the female vampire named Veronica Crow?"
"You know her name?" Daniel said cutting his eye at Armand who ignored him completely.

"You want to know who she is? Why? If you are just a simple traveler, what does it matter to you who she is?"

"I have business with her. She has followed me and sought out my servant here. I would like to speak with her."

"I don't know where she lives or lies at. I will say your servant is her type. She only attacks men around his age you know. Hell, maybe she was just hungry and you were in her way!" The vampire said laughing as the twins joined in. Armand face twisted in anger, but he remained calm.

"Look, all I want you to do is tell me who she is. That's all I ask."

The vampire became silent thinking and making the most serious expression now. He spoke looking right into Armand's eyes with hint of fear.
"Really who are you? You seem really strong. Just sitting here I can feel a different vibe from you that I don't sense with others. I can't even read your mind," the vampire said cautiously. Armand smiled looking smug, "Just a traveler. Now can we talk?"

The vampire then hesitantly got up and beckoned for Armand to join him in dinning area near the bar. He waved his hand at Daniel who had got up to follow. "I don't trust his kind."
Armand shook his head agreeing and looked over at Daniel trying hide his nervous expression. "Stay here. I'll be back"

Daniel wanting to protest sat down obediently and looked up at the twins who whispering to each other. They both looked up at Daniel and asked, "What's your master's name?"

He said nothing remembering what he was told and shrug his shoulders. The twins looked at him with frustration and began whispering again.
"He must be stupid. His kind aren't very smart to begin with." the lighter hair twin said to the other. Daniel looked between them wishing Armand hadn't left his side. The vampires was going owe him big time he thought. Then two other vampires joined them staring down at Daniel with a hunger expression.
"Who's he? Who's he with?" the blond one asked the twins. They looked over Armand's direction and pointed. "Really? That guy?" the other vampire chimed in. They all laughed and stared at Daniel who squirmed in his seat.

"He seems to be afraid." the blond said giggling.

"Oooo read his mind. Mortal minds are easy to read when they are afraid or upset", the other female snickered.

"Oh God Armand help me," Daniel thought trying to clear his thoughts. Before the vampires could all focus on him, he heard familiar voice in his left ear.

"Sorry ladies, but this mortal owes me a explanation and a drink."

Daniel looked up to meet the eyes of the vampire Louis and gasped.

-Aussie Karima

Again thanks for the sims! ^_^


  1. Your welcome. Im just happy my sims was used

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  3. I saw that! I had fun using them. Really cool sims! Thanks again. :)

  4. So happy my twins helped u in ur story. Oh and i saw my twins on TMN it surprised me.

  5. Is it bad that after all that fantastic dramatic build up, my first thought was "Oh man, Louis is so cute?"


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