Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I finally saw VMAs just awhile ago. Before I go, I just want to say...

I knew Gaga would dress up like a man!!!! I said it! I told Paco and a few others she would! I knew it!!! I should of bet someone some real money! That chick is getting so predictable! Bwhahaha! I had no clue she would spend the rest of the show like that though! I think she has some talent, but she's overdoing it now. Like you can stop now! That was just so bizarre! I was fine with it kinda at the beginning despite the weirdness. The talking was a little much, but I got over it. She sung that boring song "you and I" where she dressed like dude in the video, but she stayed dressed like a man the whole show! Even when she accepted awards and presented. Just so weird and uncomfortable! It was really creepy when she was staring at Britney Spears when they were on stage together. Was staring at her with such intensity! Then she talked about looking at Britney's poster every night. I describe that in the nicest way as she said something totally inappropriate. Was just so creepy and cringe worthy! I remember when she use to be actually great! What happen? Such a attention whore now. I'm beginning to wonder about her sanity and career. She even fell again doing her performance! What is she on?!

As for Beyonce, I thought announcing her pregnancy during her performance was kinda attention whorish. I mean why announce it that way? It definitely got her headlines and MTV attention. I know she's happy, but geez!

Overall I didn't like the show really. The stage was kinda fugly this year. I like the last year one better! The performances were ok, but not too interesting. As for the outfits, Katy Perry and Nicki Minja red carpet outfits were my favorites. Their outfits were just so crazy, they were awesome!!!! On the subject, Katy and Russel Brand look so cute together. <3

The Amy Winehouse tribute was kinda lame as expected from shitty MTV! Adele should of sung instead! Bruno Mars really? Hopefully the Grammys will do better.

Britney Spear tribute was unnecessary and upstaged by man Gaga silly antics. Britney looked so uncomfortable with Gaga on stage with her like that. I don't blame her for feeling uncomfortable!

I'm too sleepy to go into it more, but the show overall was forgettable! Now I shall pass out! Goodnight!

P.S. I was so sleep last night that I forgot to mention it wasn't about her outfit that was weird/creepy, but the whole alter ego act she did dressed as a guy.

She also copied someone again!


  1. Yea Bad romance was the last good song from her IMO. I did like Alejandro, but I hated the video. She is too focus on being shocking when she should be trying top herself musically now. I totally gave up on her.

    I wanted to see Adele, the Amy tribute, and the red carpet. I knew Gaga was going do the guy thing and do something stupid.

  2. I caught the show last night right before I posted this. The power outage had kept me from seeing it too, but I got lucky with the repeat of it.

    Britney tribute was awful. Even never agreed she should have a tribute, they could of least did it right. They basically used her for a presenter.

    As for Amy's tribute, I didn't mind Russel as much as he did write a really nice post about Amy and didn't condenm her like others did. He also admitted to having problems in the past and he recovered, so I didn't mind. Now Bruno paired with him was a bad choice as it did come off looking like they wanted those kinda people to honor her. Bruno has never admitted anything about drug possession thing and honestly he didn't know her, so why him of all people? Yea it kinda in poor taste to have them both honoring her tho. To me the tribute seemed rushed and last mintue.

    And trust me half the people presenting and some of the artist, I had no clue who they were. I remember when MTV would keep me up to date with these people. -_-

    And no host this year. They got lazy on this one! Excuse the novel. 0_0

  3. LOL Youtube Gaga fans crack me up! They get so fustrated!

    Boo Paco you have to see it. It's on youtube. It's not really the fact she dressed up like a man that creep me out. She was just so into this character "Jo," I was like WTF is wrong with her.

    Other than she totally running out of ideas. She should stick to dressing weird instead of acting weird. She definitely isn't the same.

  4. MTV just sucks so much these days. I think the VMAs is the only thing I watch now on that channel.

    Gaga actually did copy.
    Not Madonna this time, but another artist. Almost excatly what she did.

    As for Beyonce, she just get on my nerves sometimes. That's just me. xD I am happy for her. Lol at Jay Z for not clapping for Chris though.

  5. Lady Gaga has been too much for me since about last year. I think Bad Romance was the last song I really enjoyed from her. She sings nicely but she's too much for me to enjoy her in any other kind of way. But I was only watching the VMA's for Beyonce, Adele, and the Amy tribute anyway...

  6. I couldn't watch it because of the power outage (and I don't feel like looking it up online right now) but I read that Britney's one award was basically for her to present Beyonce's performance. That's really embarrassing for Britney and insensitive of MTV. And it was even worse of MTV to make Russel Brand (an alcoholic) and Bruno Mars (who got arrested for drug possession) to do the Amy Winehouse tribute.
    I'm going to be honest and say that I don't even know most of the people nominated, let alone their songs or videos. And I'm supposed to be in their target demographic!
    Did they even have a host this year or was Lady GaGa supposed to be a host? I wish Chelsea Handler would host it again.
    - NightOwl

  7. WTF! How could you NOT like lady gaga! I hate you! I'm going to throw a hissy fit over someone voicing their own opinion on the internet!
    That's how the people on youtube are

    I didn't see the VMA's, but lol! gaga dressed as a man! She IS getting predictable! She will probably never go back to what she used to be, as she said those albums "killed" her (???)

  8. I didn't watch the VMAs [no point in watching them when the network that hosts them tries to not air music videos PERIOD. Stupid MTV], but I heard about various things, one of them being GuyGuy trying to kiss Britney and getting shot down.

    I couldn't help but think, "You know Gaga, Britney already kissed Madonna...she's not going to kiss a Madonna wannabe."

    I mean, sure Gaga can do some decent singing, but all of her stunts, the Judas crap ["Like a Prayer" by Madonna, anyone?] causing controversy just reeks of trying to be Madonna. It's safe to say that Madonna didn't make a male alter-ego, so that's something new, but for me, that's how I see Gaga. A Madonna wannabe, and to also to me, she tries TOO HARD. She talks about being yourself, being unique, and I just don't see it when she acts that way.

    But that's just my personal feeling on it. I found Beyonce's baby announcement to be the best moment of the night, that and Jay-Z REFUSING to applaud Chris Brown's performance, LOL


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