Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pets: The horse with a horn appears! (insert sarcasm here) Yipee!

Borrowed from a threads on the pets forum. I'm sure they won't mind.
So EA took a plain horse, made it glow, put a horn on it, gave it a beard, and called it a unicorn. Wow I'm so excited. -_- EA some lazy asses for this. How long will the excitement last? I give it a week till everyone bored with it or trying find a mod to get rid of it. Also the unicorn debate is so ridiculous. I bet half the people on officials who are making unicorn such a big deal will be the same people complaining in a week. Whatever interactions they have won't be fun for long if any. I mean what else do expect a unicorn to do beside what regular horses do? Yeah fire, bless, and curse. 3 interactions! Do really expect EA to add more? We are talking about EA here.

Meh, I want the pets. Unicorns no thanks. It still looks girly and frilly to me also. They should add a fart rainbow interaction. Be fitting.

P.S. And I'm guessing werewolves or something more exciting is out? Lame.


  1. Yea. It's kinda sickening. I almost hope unicorns are lame so they will be dissapointed. Some of the unicorn lovers are just so annoying and rude about it. The official forums have really went down. 

  2. I seriously couldn't agree more. And supposedly it's been confirmed there's NO werewolves. Unicorn lovers on the forums are gloating their asses off.

  3. Yeah, so...haven't changed my mind. Still not getting that EP. Unless of course someone does make that mod that completely gets rid of the unicorn. Only then will I even reconsider getting it.

  4. lol I just keep envisioning rainbows and my little pony. xD

    I have no idea what other ep they could include werewolves other than pets. Why I'm a little disspointed about this. I would take different creature if they made it actually awesome and different from the pets themselves.

    Maybe I will proven wrong and unicorns will be amazing. I doubt it. :/

  5. lol true. They could fix the vampire plague though, but EA never fixes anything necessary. They should made it more like you have to be controlling the sim to change them into a vamp. Then maybe werewolves would work out. Unicorns just seem boring. Different, but boring.

  6. Oh, I don't know - I think I would rather have a mystical critter that's barely mystical then get totally swamped, like with vampires and imaginary friends.   If they programmed in werewolves like the vampires you know they would be in clubs, in stores, in the library, in the park, and more and more townies would be in need of a massive shave.   Not fun at all!

  7. I can't help but be reminded of Robot Unicorn and its catchy song. Damn it...

    I'm not excited for the unicorn either, and nope, no sign of werewolves yet.


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