Sunday, August 21, 2011

F*** you Capcom! (gamer rant)

I've been waiting for Ace Attorney Investigations 2 for more than a year now! Literally waiting and thinking about it whenever I would pick up my DS. I have all the games in the series and it's my top most favorite game on the DS. Well today my heart was crushed! I went to look for the US release date thinking it should be coming out soon or at least Xmas. Well to my horror Capcom canceled the realease date and have no plans to release it to North American. OMG!!!! WTF!!!! I'm devesated! I was seriously close to tears earlier! All that waiting for nothing! I can't even get an english version online! They made 4 of these games only to leave the story incomplete?!

Now here is the kicker that just burns me up! The imbecils at Capcom decided to cancel the release due to the fact they don't want to pay for it to be translated. They rather save money and just release it in Japan! F'ing cheapstakes! So just say f*** you to the fans who been waiting for this game to save you a few dollars in your pockets? Why make 4 games only to give up on the series? That's why I say f*** you Capcom! Right now I think I hate you more than EA! I'm sure of it! I will never buy another Capcom game again! No need anyway! If they're so worry about money, how about advertise it more! I basically found the game on my own looking through gamestop so many years back! This is a slap to my face! I felt like I got slapped when I read it. Capcom go backrupt you cheap bastards!!!

I know this has nothing to do with Sims, but I will never find another game like this on the DS or any other platform. A series shoudn't end like this. It's a damn shame! So sad.

A petition for North America release:


  1. I don't even count Apollo Justice. It couldn't even compare to the others so I know what you mean. xD

    I think it makes no sense that you guys don't get some of the games we get over here. Really silly. It can't be that hard. Right now I'm going through something similar over here. Going order a game through Amazon UK, because they are too lazy to send it here. :/ 

    Capcom has been making some sucky decisions tho.

  2. Believe me I know how you feel. I actually lost interest in the Ace Attorney series after Apollo Justice but living in the UK I am quite familiar with getting screwed over by game companies. 6+ month waits AFTER it's already been translated and released in America and other games never making it to us at all even though they were translated for the American market. Freakin' sucks XD

    Hopefully they'll re-think this move because it is really stupid. It seems lately that Capcom just keep making dick moves like this. Like the whole RE: DS thing where you can only have one save game.

  3. Really? That's horrible! I never heard of such a thing. Capcom going lose a lot customers pulling crap like that!

    I'm definitely not buying anything from them. If it's not an Ace Attorney game they will never see a penny from me ever again.

  4. I'm actually still in shock. Just the other day I thought about playing the last one over in anticipation of the new one being release soon. I really can't believe they would just give it up like that. They can't be that bad off and if so they should of never said anything about releasing it. They basically abandoned the players/fans over on the capcom thread about it after giving the bad news. Guess they really gave up. The games were so addicting, I'm going miss it dearly. Still hasn't quite sunk in. 

    EA is looking pretty good compared to them right now. Shitbags indeed.

  5. They did something similar with Megaman, too. They were planning this game which all Megaman fans had waited for for such a long time. They even had set it up where they were interacting with their fans and asking them about stuff and keeping them updated with progress. All of the sudden, they completely canceled the game. POOF! GONE! No more new Megaman game. This has a lot of people peeved, so they are definitely going to lose a fair chunk of money for both of these reasons. My brother told me not to buy from them any more xD

  6. that IS fucked up! from one gamer to another, i SO know how angry you are. how can they do this to a loyal fanbase? theres plenty of titles i love and follow that would completely devastate me if i found out the company was too lazy or uncaring to release in the US. what a fucking crock!! Those shitbags!@#


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