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Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 10-

I tried having all the vampires in this, but with only 8 per household I had to switch them out. All the vampires will get a speaking part and close up. Don't worry.

-Chapter 10: The Prey Part 1-
"Lestat?" Louis beckoned for the blonde's attention from the doorway. He had made his way sleepily downstairs to the sound of Lestat practicing the guitar. Lestat only looked up and nodded his head in acknowledgement.

"Where is Claudia?" Louis yawned wiping his eyes.

"How the hell am I suppose to know! She's your problem."

"Lestat, don't be grumpy. I'm only asking, because I didn't hear her come in last night and...."

Lestat put down the guitar and sat down on the couch crossing his legs. "Maybe she really left. We should celebrate." he said turning the TV on.


"Stop whining. It's the first night we don't have to deal with that little brat and you're whining. Relax for once."
"But Lestat..."

Lestat said nothing. He flick threw the channels ignoring him completely. For a few minutes the two said nothing as time stood still for a second. Lestat after some time, turned off the tv and got up. He moved so suddenly and so quick it startled Louis. He backed up and watched Lestat rush upstairs. The blond then appeared again in one of his more modern outfits. He stopped once at the bottom of the steps to glare at Louis and went out the door.
Louis stood there feeling a confused by his actions. He rushed upstairs and changed quickly into a t-shirt and jeans. With lighting speed he ran out the door to meet Lestat who seemed to almost be waiting for him.
"We're going to find her?" Louis said looking disheveled and strange in modern clothing.

"No! I have business to attend to and I didn't invite you!"

Louis looked almost hurt, but then his turned into a expression of amusement. "Sure. Business. If that's what you wanted call it, go ahead."

"I'm not looking for that brat you idiot! Get that smirk off your face!"

"Then where are we going then?"

"You're not invited. How many times do I have to say that!" Lestat growled turning his back to Louis who seem to be still amused. He began walking quickly with Louis right on his tail. The humans among them almost appeared as blurs as their vampire speed quickened. It seemed almost like a game of cat and mouse as Louis followed Lestat's every step. When they arrived, Louis looked up at the sign of the building they were about to enter.
"The Prey?" Louis said feeling confused and unease by the atmosphere.

"It was once a human club, but mostly vampires come here now. Try to act like one of them. The modern vampires are..well.. modern."
Lestat walked in leaving Louis still staring at the vampire club with uncertainty. He was not versed in the slangs of today or understood what it really meant to be modern. He enter the club feeling his eardrums being immediately assaulted with the sound hard rock music blaring from the speakers. Lestat who had already sat down at the bar, seem to be enjoying the music as he mouthed the words of the song.
Louis joined him wishing he knew why Lestat had brought him here. The music still pounding on his eardrums he yelled to Lestat, "So what does this have to do with Clau..."

" will draw attention to us yelling like that!"

"But it's impossible not to yell!"
"Then simply remain quiet and watch me!"

Louis completely annoyed said nothing. He caught a glance of the bartender and gasped at the sight of him. He was mortal, but he looked ghastly with bite marks all over his neck. He almost looked like a walking corpse as he now stood in front of them with the most dreadful expression.
"Yes. What do want tonight? We have type A, B, AB, O,..."

"I will have type A," Lestat said casually.

"You sir? We have B as our special today."

Louis looked up at him with a sickened expression and looked over at Lestat who was cutting his eye at him now. "What kind of sick bar is this?" he thought.

"Type B" he mumbled. The bartender groaned and pulled up his sleeve. He held up his wrist grabbing a knife. Louis eyes widened at the sight of him and grabbed him

"No, I'll take A then!!!"

The bartender looked at him with a confused expression and walked towards the back. Lestat busted out laughing causing a few vampires sitting near by to jump and stare at them. Louis embarrassed and completely bothered at such a sight, glared at Lestat with disgust. He then remembered having the same reaction Armand's bitten up young servant at the Théâtre des Vampires and became even more upset. He turned his back to Lestat trying regain his composure and focus his mind again.

Lestat moved his chair over and whispered in Louis' ear trying to hold in his laughter."What? You didn't want the special? Would you preferred a rat instead Louie? I can ask for that next time."

"Lestat, do me a favor and how do they say it? Oh yes shut up!" Lestat rolled his eyes and looked up to see the man had returned with two wine glasses full of blood.
He began laughing hysterically again just thinking about what happened. 

"Lestat quit your cackling . You're drawing attention to us. Why are we even here again? What about..."

He put his hand up stopping Louis from saying anymore. "Remember what I told you. Watch me." he winked and turned his attention to the bartender who was now cleaning glasses.
"Young man, have you seen a little immortal girl with blond curls? Looks like a child."

"A child? Here? Immortal?"

"Yes, got that? Now tell me if you've seen her."

The bartender looked at Lestat with a blank expression. His mouth half closed, he shrugged his shoulders and continue cleaning glasses.

"You're not going get much out of him. Kinda brainless. You said a child vampire? Yeah, I happen to see one a few nights ago." a vampire said to the right of them.
Both Lestat and Louis turned to see who had answered them. He was young vampire with bright red hair and goggles on his head.

"I saw her the other night. I never seen a vampire turned so young. You hear about it, but it's a bit taboo still. Was she yours or something?"

Louis went to answer him, but Lestat quickly nodded his head as to say no. "We know of her and were just wondering. Was she with someone?"

The vampire stopped deeply thinking about it. He then leaned in towards them, his voice almost in a whisper. "I saw her following a very well know female vampire. Didn't seem like she was with her, but she seem to like she was watching her.

"Who was this woman you speak of? Well known?" Louis quickly asked before Lestat could respond.

"Well the woman she was following was Veronica Crow. I'm sure you know of her. One of the most ruthless female vampires around."

"No, don't know her. Who the hell is she?" Lestat said frowning.

"You don't know who she is? Do you guys get out much? I'll tell you for a price. No way I'm talking about her with some type of payment!"
Lestat grumbled and reached into his pocket. He pulled out 5 solid gold coins and threw them on the table.

"Here is that enough?"

"Oh my...where did you....", he stopped biting the coin with his teeth making sure they were real. He then looked up at them with shocked and almost frightened expression. "You guys aren't from this day and age are you?"

"Never mind how old we are. I payed you, so get on with it. We don't have all night."


Claudia awoke finding herself in a pitch black room. Still feeling dizzy and disoriented, she try to focus. Her mouth felt like sandpaper and her head was caked in blood from the blow she had suffered the night before. "Where am I?," she wondered feeling the wet ground underneath her.
She then heard what sounded like a door creaking and saw a bright light shine on what look like steps a feet away from her. A man appeared from the top of stairs dressed in a tux.
"Come quickly and make yourself presentable. Madam Victoria will be here soon."

Part 2 will have the rest of the vampires speaking. Stay tune...
-Aussie Karima

Thanks guys so much!


  1. Caught up!! I love love the bar idea. :) 

  2. Oh thank u i'm happy u like them. ^.^I'm so proud of my girls making it big lol

  3. They look great in my game. Going have them in part 2 definitely. :)

  4. I love how you made the twins look like bodyguards or bouncers.

  5. I just use Nraa's mods to turn mine at the moment since I don't think the vampire mods have been updated and it was blocking all my interactions XD

  6. Aha, glad you liked it. Your sim was perfect for the part. He does look really cool as a vamp. I have to use him for something else.

    I also learned a cool trick when I turned him. Testingcheatenabled true cheat, ctrl+shift on the bite moodlet turns them into instant vamp. All this time I never knew. :P

  7. Eee! Thank you very much for using him, that was brilliant. He looks hot as a vampire, I might have to turn him in my game.


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