Monday, August 22, 2011

Yesterday was kinda fun...

Despite getting the bad new about my favorite DS game, I had a nice day out with the family. I went to the movies and saw Final Destination 5 in 3D. Haha, you can imagine how good that was. All I'll say is that it wasn't scary. Just so ridiculous it was funny! Like some of the deaths were so far fetched I couldn't help, but giggle. You can tell they are running out of ideas with the latest ones. I really hope this is the last. I can't see them making another one after watching this one. It was just something mindless and funny to watch. xD

Well after the movies we walked around the huge mall we have here. It's really far from me, so I rarely get to go there. Only when we see 3D movies do I get to go and it's been awhile since looking around there. Anyway, I found this awesome store with the cutest clothes! They were kinda expensive, so only brought one shirt. 2 shirts literally came to 50 dollars! o_0 The one shirt I brought was little over 20. Anyway, the shirt:

Saids yo Neff. wNeff is the brand. It has long black sleeves for fall coming up.

I like the store, but it was really annoying how they were following me around like I was going steal something. I don't mind help, but don't over do it! Geez, do I look like a thief. -_-

P.S. I forgot to mention it was raining like crazy when we left out. Then the sun was shinning when we left the movies. xD Seriously raining cat and dogs yesterday. Could barely see.


  1. Thanks. ^_^ I was looking for a hoodie, but the price for that was just too ridiculous.  I will go back when they have a sell. >_>

  2. Aww! That top is so cute!


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