Saturday, August 6, 2011

Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 9-

Note: This chapter was the hardest so far to shoot. >_> As for the story, Claudia wouldn't know Daniel of course. Keep that as a note as you read this.

 -Chapter 9: Alone in the dark-
A scream could be heard from the apartment room of 215. The mortal inside awoke in a cold sweat from his nightmare. It had been such a long time since he had such a vivid and horrifying dream. He looked around the dark room putting his glasses on.
"Armand?" he stammered. "How long did I sleep? Where is he?" he thought out loud. The raven hair vampire was no where in sight. He got up feeling something he hadn't felt since the vampire had came to visit him. For once in weeks, he actually felt rested and energized. It was a extremely odd feeling knowing Armand would never let him sleep this long or let him sleep really at all.

"Where in the hell is Armand?" He turned on the light and looked out the window feeling the cool breeze hit his face.
He looked out the door of his apartment into the dim hallway. Nothing. He felt utterly alone and afraid. The vampire could of course handle himself, but it was just too odd for him to up and leave without even a hint. In fact he had mentioned to Daniel nights before he would be keeping Daniel's company for awhile.

Daniel went back inside feeling chills go up his spine. He grabbed his coat from the closet and saw that Armand's traveling coat still hung on it's hook.

"Something has to be up. He never leaves that thing."

He got onto the elevator and went downstairs to the lobby. He went out its glass doors feeling unease and looked around. No Armand in sight.
He went down to the corner and hailed a cab. He had no clue where he was going, but he knew the vampire had to be somewhere in the city.

He ended up on sidewalk of the club they had went to the night before as he payed the cab driver and got out. He stood there looking around feeling somewhat lost and afraid. He wasn't sure why he would end up here again, but he had been drawn here for some reason.
"Was Armand telling me to come here unconsciously? I hope that woman isn't here." He shivered at the thought of her. This was the very club he had met the immortal woman that now haunted his dreams. How he wished he hadn't thought of her as he now wanted to leave and go back to his apartment. It made him sick to think he was out here in the middle of the night while vampires like her were probably looking for their next kill. He was an easy target without Armand.

He thought back to when Armand told him that vampires usually hunt in the same area every night and became even more afraid. "That woman is probably hunting me right now!" With this thought he heard footsteps and the hair stood up on his neck. He stood frozen in fear and turned around to see a little pale girl with blond curls smiling at him.
"Hey mister! Are you lost?" she said in sweet pitiful tone.

"Noo! I'm looking for someone."

"Awww, are they lost?"

"'s a long story. Where are your parents? Isn't it kinda late for you to be out?"

The girl looked around and then burst into tears. "They were right behind me!"

Daniel unsure of what to do, bent down and wiped the girls tears. "It's going be ok little girl. We'll find them and my friend ok?"

"Ok" she said sniffling and grabbed him to give him a hug. He lean in hoping it would comfort the girl and thinking nothing of it, but the girl smiled with a evil grin.
She opened her mouth to reveal two small sharp fangs and leaned into his neck. Before she could sink her fangs into him, they heard footsteps coming their way. They both looked up and saw a woman coming towards them. Daniel looked over to his side where the girl had been standing and she was gone. Confused, he looked around to see it was just him and the woman now.

"Daniel...." she whispered. He backed away recognizing the female voice. He ran down the street feeling the most fear he had felt in ages.

He tripped while running at full speed near the alley way and fell with a great force. "I'm gone. I'm dead" he thought as his glasses flew across the cement. He laid there hoping that someone would come by and see a murder was about to take place. That a measly mortal named Daniel Malloy would be dead soon if someone didn't help him. He wanted to cry, he wanted to scream, but the woman only laughed at him and bared her fangs.
"Armand!!!!" he screamed. If he was going die, he could at least try to call for the vampire once more he thought. He closed his eyes as it all seem to be happening in slow motion.

"Daniel!" he heard a familiar voice cry. He opened his eyes to see Armard standing over him and the woman gone.

"Are you ok? You're bleeding!" he looked down at him breathing heavily. He grabbed Daniel and stood him up. Daniel seem to be in shock as he stood frozen staring back at him.
"I believe you now. That woman is tracking you. I came just in time. I heard you calling me. Daniel are you alright? Did she hurt you? Say something." Daniel remained silent looking at Armand's serious and upset face.

"Anyway, why did you come here? Did she call you here? She appears to be really strong. She read my mind and yours I'm sure. I never felt power like that accept when Louis and Lestat were around. I left you at the apartment because I thought it would be safer if you stayed home. Last night, I got a funny feeling someone was following us. Something not human. Then I remember you said a woman tried to bite you, so I decided to leave you at home where you could be safe and checked around on this immoral. She must of lured you here, when she had sense I had left your side. You can not leave my sight! You understand me!"

Daniel still in a trance stood quietly half listening and still in shock. He shook his head feeling lighted headed and fainted in front Armand.

He sighed and looked around for the the mortals glasses. They sat not to far away with the both lens cracked. He frowned and put them in his pocket.
The street was quiet again and not a soul appear to be around, but he felt someone watching him. He stood still listening for any movement.

The girl stood not too far away gasping at the sight of Armand. She had went and hid around the corner in the alley and watched it all. Never did she think she would run into the ancient vampire, Armand in such a place. The fear welling up in her she tried to stay as still as possible, while watching him and the human. Armand had decided to go back to Daniel who had stirred suddenly. With Armand's help he got up slowly.

"I"m alive?" How?"

"Well of course. Do you really think I would let another vampire kill you? Did you even hear what I told you before? You're hopeless, Daniel."
Daniel relieved chuckled and shook his head. He looked around remembering his glasses were gone and Armand held the glasses out in front of his face. He grabbed them feeling oddly embarrassed and looked at the broken lenses. They were no use to him now and he had another pair home. Armand still bothered by the present watching them looked around once more searching as Daniel looked over his scrape and cuts.
"Armand and a human? What does he want with him? Was he actually protecting him? I can't believe he's actually here. I'm done for!" Claudia thought as she felt a hand suddenly grab her arm.

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