Friday, August 12, 2011

WTH MTV?! (entertainment rant)

If you can tell today, I'm in ranting mood. I deleted my other post, because it was kinda harsh. About how annoying my family can be. Typing it out did make me feel better though.

Now for the real topic. Why the hell is Britney Spears getting a tribute at the MTV awards this year? What the F did she do to deserve a tribute? I know she use to be kinda good when she was younger, but now she is a hot mess. She looks like a walking zombie. She is not what she use to be at all. She is not the Britney Spears of the 90's anymore and she didn't have that much of career to earn a tribute. All she does now is lip sync and walks around trying to look like she's dancing. MTV needs to stop living in the 90's and give tributes to people who deserve them!

What about giving Amy Winehouse a tribute! She did make somewhat of a impact and she just passed away. Britney Spears does not even deserve an award right now, nor less a tribute!

I was excited about the awards this year, but now I'm like whatever. Meh.

P.S. I'm not even going get into all the reality shows on MTV. Should be RTV now. Waste of channel. They could of least kept TRL on.

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  1. MTV, imo, is the douche-iest station out there, and heck it's going against Bravo and "E!". I heard that it used to be a lot better...


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