Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My weekend and the movie I saw (kinda a review)

Well my weekend was sucky as my wisdom tooth decided to give me throbbing pain out of no where. It did feel like something got caught back there under the gum were the tooth is the other day. I'm guessing it was either that or it's still trying to come up. Whatever it is, I could barely eat or sleep and the only way I could was taking a aspirin so the pain would die down a little. Today, I only feel little pain after using some mouthwash. I can at least touch it with my tongue now. Now if I can eat, I will be pigging out today. lol Kidding, but I am starving.

As for the movies, I was dragged off by my father and mostly my uncle (my grandmother also tagged along) to see Planet of the Apes(rise of the whatever) yesterday. I like the original and I didn't mind the remake, but they decided to make a prequel. Why? I don't know and I never cared about how it became really. I kinda like mystery of it, but I thought it was an interesting concept. Now the movie itself was ok, but I honestly thought it could of been better. I think the ending was stupid. I won't spoil it, but the ending is what kinda killed for me and made me just think it was alright. If you do go see it don't leave as soon as the credits go up. A lot people left right after it ended and missed that little bonus. I did like that part. That's all I'll say. Hope I didn't spoil it. I think it will be a sequel though, so expect another one. The movie itself was just alright though. Even my father agreed with me. Just something to watch. As for a sequel for the prequel (tongue twister), I would rather they just make the original over again and get on with the original story. >_>

Next weekend I plan on seeing Final Destination 5 in 3D! Wooo! Can't wait! :D

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