Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Vampires I have so far...

nitemesims- Hey vid I made some vamps if you want them they are twins.
the cc list and everything is in there. Also example pics of them. Hope you enjoy!

*Sorry about the comment under the other post. >_< You can see from the comment I made under that post why. Also thank you so much for following! :D

LuckySky- http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3677732

Darkslayer- reserved

Anymore? I made this post since niteme comment got deleted. Felt bad. Hopefully she sees why. Please post as a guest or with a disque account, not gmail please. Gmail is just bad when it comes to disque.

Give me more so I can make me a little list. I haven't tested any of these yet, but I trust that my game won't explode. :P

Update1: Booo LuckySky your sim wasn't a vamp in CAS. I'll change her. ;)


  1. Oh cool. Will download, but if it doesn't work Ill make sure to use a skin similar to it. ^_^

  2. ~Sorry about that, I forgot to ask,as I have all installed to Generations!
    ~ Enjoy anyway! :)

  3. man i forgot that skin is lemonleaf b2.5

  4. Downloading and thank you. :)

    2 downloaded, but 1 needed a stuff pack I don't have. Oh well got 2.

  5. ~ OK,here you go,two males & one female,Enjoy!

  6. oh ok. The skin use used wasn't in my game so they were picth black. Was wondering what skin you used. >_<

  7. niteme: its ok. i saw the post I'm cool with it as long as u got the twins. I missed one cc and thats their eyeshadow and thats becuz its not downloadable anymore so u can use any eyeshadow u think will work.

  8. oh and im glad you like my twins

  9. I will be happy to use your sims. Just link me to them!

    Also thanks for telling me about the name thing. Can't be too sure, so I always make sure first. :)

  10. ~ I would like to send some vamps if you like!
    ~ Aussie Karima,is my user name,I do not mind my full name shown!


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