Monday, August 8, 2011

Give me your vampires!

Do you want your vampires in my story? Would you like to see your vampires featured in Eternity of the Damned? If so, link me to them! The next chapter will be set in a vampire bar and I'm going need a few modern vamps. They may even get a speaking part if they are really good.

-Must be YA/Adult.
-Must look like modern vampires
-CC is allowed, but if you give me bad cc, I will kick you! Not physically possible? Don't worry I'll find a way!
-Just link me in comments and I will go download it. Will also rec it.

I need them by next weekend at the least. If I don't get enough, I will be turning some simmies into vamps then.

P.S. I will give you credit of course. Forgot to mention that. >_<


  1. Oh ok. I have a few I have to turn anyway. They're perfect! Especially Takeru Miyamori. :D Thanks. ^_^

  2. I'd recommend:



    Mihoki (I'm sure you remember him): 

    I'm afraid you'll have to turn them though and feel free to borrow any other sim from my studio, these are just some of the sims  I feel fit the 'look'.

  3. Guys remember to post as a guest and don't post under your gmail account. I have to delete it if it shows up with your real name, so post as a guest please or sign up to disque! >_>

  4. @nitemesims I deleted the comment becuz it was showing your real name I think.

    OMG They are too cute! Thank you! <3

    Also change your name by signing up to disque or flag it if isn't showing the right screen name.
    Post as a guest next time!

  5. Awesome! She's pretty. Will download and rec. ;P

  6. I would love to see my vamp in your story!

  7. Hey vid I made some vamps if you want them they are twins.
    the cc list and everything is in there. Also example pics of them. Hope you enjoy

  8. Dark! I was hoping you would comment. Yes, please do give me one of your awesome male sims. Your style be perfect for the bar/club I'm using. :D

  9. A lot of my sims aren't uploaded as vampires but I would be honoured if you turned one of them and used them in your story :) even if they are just seat fillers (I recommend my males over my females, of course ;))


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