Monday, August 8, 2011

2 New Sets at my customs blog!!!

Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z! If you don't remember these shows, they use to come on cartoon network in the 90's when I was a kid. They were the very first animes I ever watched! Didn't even know what anime was back then! I had no clue they were anime till I got older, which was the start of me being an anime addict. xD Anyway, I use to watch them everyday when I would come home from school. Dragon Ball Z was more gear to boys, while Sailor Moon was a girl type of show. I end liking both and I was sad when they ended.

I decided to make some sets decicated to the classic animes of the 90's that started it all for me. I also thought the posters would be really cute for little boys and girls rooms. The shirts were kinda a bonus since I didn't really plan on making them, but they turned out ok. ^_^

Check them out:


  1. Aw glad you like them. :)

  2. *claws way in from RL*

    OMG,  DBZ!  I'm older but have been an anime freak since I was a kid.  Me and my nephews bonded over DBZ and Gundam Wing!  LOL  Thanks for making these , vid!  ^_^ 

  3. Hey Booky! :D I had the dolls and trading cards. I would probably watch it again if it came on. Still miss it sometimes. Was definitely an awesome show!

  4. I may have been born late 90's, but Sailor Moon was still on when I was in kindergarten and I LOVED it! It was one of my favorite shows :3 I even had Sailor Moon bed sheets. In fact, I probably still have them xD


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