Saturday, August 20, 2011

Still playing! Some pics and a small rant about it


Now my rant! For some reason this save game is being a pain in the ass. The one save game and family I've actually stuck with and now it wants to give me problems. Every time I open this one freaking file I get "this file has has had a serious error, restart this application" crap. I restart and it usually works, but still it shouldn't do that. So I went to my backup file to get rid of it and that went well till one of my sims went invisible. I was having that problem before, but it was their neighbor. This time the Dad got the glitch. He went on vacation by himself (another glitch) and became invisible in the backyard after coming back to see the fire. Resetting him didn't work and he was still greyed out. So I'm trying to help the poor guy and he wouldn't appear. I just kept seeing his thought bubbles. Well I deleted that save game and went back to one I saved before with the same family.

I would just like to say thanks a lot EA!!! You lazy idiots! This exactly why I didn't download the new patch, because it didn't fix any of this BS. I'm almost tempted to play Sims 2 again.


  1. I can't even use CAW. Keeps telling me to redownload. I don't know if it's really my concern but as I was going through My Sims 3 blog for downloads, I found a cute site just called Camille. Apparently someone named Wolfsprite from TSR wrote in her chat box to take stuff off her page because it was illegal or whatever. She didn't state what stuff but now she has tried to apologize to this Camille. I just think it's terrible to accuse someone without the proof.

  2. I never patch my game unless I get an expansion pack... They're useless and annoying!

  3. I had a similar problem when I was playing my game. I sent a family to Egypt for a vacation, then stuff happened after the returned home. The wife couldn't interact with anyone and no one could interact with her. After I left the lot/household and came back, she was invisible. Other sims started becoming invisible as well. I tried using Twallan's DebugEnabler mod to use its "Fix Invisible Sims" option, but it only worked for sims in Egypt (???). Eventually the entire town got screwed up and I had to use Twallan's Porter mod to move them and all of the relatives (and some friends) I could find to a different neighborhood. I did that because I didn't want the family ties severed. I stayed up all night fixing it. Lol You could try doing what I did. If that doesn't work, then you could try checking Crincrict's blog for a solution (that's actually where I found out about Twallan's Porter mod). I hope you're able to fix the problem. Good luck!

    Edit: I just realized you went to an earlier save. Lol If it happens again, you could try doing what I did. Anyway, hopefully it won't glitch out again. :-P

  4. I've been having those issues too. But with teens that go to boarding school and come back for prom or something. A thumbnail also doesn't show up for the babies unless I reload the gain. bleh. 


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