Monday, August 29, 2011

I had spoke too soon! I'm back now...

Right after I posted that it was just raining here and the storm wasn't that bad, the wind started picking up. You could actually see the rain swirling around. Well I cut the computer off and eventually wenu to bed. I was praying the power wouldn't go out! I woke up and the power was out. Went out about 6 am in the morning from what my father said. Anyway, things were cool for a minute. Thought they should be around way before nightfall. Well it got dark and we were still waiting for the electric company to come. We waited and waited, still no electric company.

Family started snapping at each other, roaming around aimlessly in the house, the radio kept playing the same f'ing song every hour, cell phones died, everyone sitting around not knowing what to do! FFS I know what the stir crazy moodlet is in sims now! I felt like I was losing my mind! I have never had my power out for that long in my entire life! A whole freaking day! If you want to torture me, just cut the power off! I laid awake for a hours hearing every little sound and wishing the power would come on when I went to bed. I can't even imagine going 2 days or a week without power. It came back on today at 10am! Thank God! Some people are still without power and may not be getting till Friday! Friday!!! I would just die! They would have just kill me off if I had to wait that long! We definitely lucky to have it back this soon!

As for any damage in the city, trees fell and a lot of street lights are out. You have direct traffic yourself basically. It's not as bad as it could of been, but it still suck majorly! Next time we have a hurricane coming near us, I will not brag about it being just rain or take it for granted that power still on. I don't want hear about anymore hurricanes. Please no more!!!
How I felt last night:
lol kidding, but close. -_-

By the way, I'm so happy! I missed this blog. Typing on this pc! If I wasn't tired I would stay up longer just roam aimlessly online.


  1. Hi Scones! Missed you too even tho it was one day. lol

    Eek 5 days!!! Oh my. I would of went nuts! 

    And lol I love gifs. Couldn't resist. xD

  2. Glad you are ok!

    The worst for us was an ice storm, that took power out for 5 days.

    Ahaha, I love that GIF so much.

  3. Awww! *hugs* Yea, I'm ok. I will definitely be alright with some sleep. ;P So sweet of you Spychip to be worry about little ol me. <3

  4. Good! I'm so happy to hear that you're alright! Gosh, I was so worried >.<


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