Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eternity of The Damned - Chapter 1

What if Claudia speared Lestat and ran off to Paris with his fledgling Louis. What if Claudia escape Armand's coven to return centuries later to their maker. Well this is the tale of vampires Lestat, Louis, and Cluadia alive and well in the 2000s. This what would of happened if Lestat never been set fire too, if Claudia had escaped her fate, and if Louis returned with her to the infamous vampire Lestat.

-Chapter 1: Reunited -
The blond vampire set down at the classic piano with a smile on his face.
 It was a night like every other night. Alone as always now, but something about tonight felt different. It was if he was expecting visitors.

He continue to play as the night went on and then he sensed the present of another immortal or immortals in this case. 'Should we greet them?' he thought smirking to himself. He was thinking it was probably more modern day vampires coming to challenge him for writing The Vampire Lestat, but no this present was much stronger.

He went to back door of his modern home without fear. He open the door and stepped out a little ways smelling the modern city air. 'Oh how he missed the old days', he thought as looked to the city.
"Nothing...,"he snarled with great disappointed as he started back in, but something was not right. With a few steps, he stopped in his tracks and felt a presents behind him.
"Lestat?," a voice called out. 'That voice....," he thought at once. He turned around to see the bright blue eyes of the vampire, Louis.

"Long time no see brat prince," Louis said smirking a bit at his surprised maker. It was first time he had seen his fledgling since leaving him centuries ago.

Was he dreaming? It was like they were frozen in time. Louis looked him over wondering what to say and do.
The last time he had saw him, Lestat had ratted them out to the Théâtre des Vampires. They barely escaped with thier lives, but he knew Lestat had regretted doing that. He could see it in his face that night it had been done.

"What are you doing here," Lestat finally spoke still staring at him intensely. It was amazing how much he looked the same after all this time.

"I've came back...," he said coming so close to Lestat he almost jumped.
"For what?," retorted, still stunned by him. Louis stood there still studying Lestat tall frame. "For you...," Louis answered after a long pause.

"Well I don't want you here," he said sounding slightly bitter. He then turned around making his way back into his home, leaving the door slightly adjured.

He was really thrilled to see him, but to come back after all this time angered him greatly. He went back to sit at his piano and began playing again.

Louis had followed and started at him as he played. Lestat cut his eye at him and went on ignoring his presents. For the whole evening they remain silent, with nothing of the sound of the piano.
 Only a few hours before sunset, did he finally acknowledge Louis again. "It's a extra rooms upstairs. Use one of them if you like. Goodnight."

"You mean morning?", he said chuckling. Lestat cut his eye at him again and started his way upstairs. "Well don't you miss me Lestat?"

Lestat stopped looking over at him and then turning away, but before he could move he was faced to faced with him again. No matter how angry he was, he found himself draw into him. Louis smiled at him and grabbed him by his wrist.

"What the hell are you doing?", he said finding his resilience and voice again.

"I brought somebody with me", he exclaimed!

"And who could that be?," he said staring at Louis still holding his wrist and then out of the corner of his eye another immortal appeared.
He looked over as Louis let go of him and instantly saw who it was.
"Claudia!," he said with great disdain as the child-like vampire who took his Louis now stood before him with a evil grin.


  1. Yay! Great job with the chapter, Viddie!

  2. Great Chap Vid, Can't wai to read more

  3. Thank you guys! I was acually nervous posting it. >_>

  4. I knew I was going have a major spelling error and of all things in the title. Fail. >_<

    Thanks Gomar! :)


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