Monday, February 7, 2011

I heart you Dunkin Donuts! Even if you made my heart stale!

For my peeps outside of America, Dunkin Donuts is a big donut store here who sells...well donuts!

And they made this for Valentines Day...
Isn't it cute?! It's jelly. It tasted a bit stale and hard, but I never ate anything heart shape so I still thought it was cool! ^_^

P.S Had heart shape cookies and candy, but never a donut.


  1. it was stale?? 0_0
    you should speak to the manager lol. i actualy used to work at a dunkin donuts, and we had this REALLY strict policy about throwing away the entire inventory every night so that only fresh donuts were sold. (kinda wasteful, it really bugged me)
    but thats why it seems strange you would get a stale one!

  2. Certain dunkin donuts are crappy here for some reason. My father probably went to one of those. The people they hire are bit inexperience I guess. >_<


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