Friday, February 11, 2011

It's that time again....

It's the weekend!!!!
I just finish the final touches on the next chapter of Eternity of the Damned and I love it! At first I was like "this is too short," but then I got myself together and made it way longer than it was going be originally. As soon as I posted I will probably become nervous again, so I may not comment right of way. Please do comment though, as I like comments. ^_^

This weekend I will be working on....
-Finishing my Valentine T-shirts
-Doing Simiverse as it's due tomorrow. May get a extension.
-Most likely doing scores
-And getting the chapter 3 started

In a few mintues, chapter 2 should pop up as it's almost 12am here. Same time as last time. Anyway, goodnight and have a good weekend! ^_^

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