Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Grammys- My take on it!

It's late, but I just wanted to say I did see the Grammys last night. Everyone seems to have their own opinion of it, so here's mine!

It wasn't bad and the sheer fact Beaver head didn't win made my night. I seriously want him to go away and die off somewhere. I'm so sick of hearing about him, I actually wish he never exsisted. I'm absolutely disgusted by Usher and he should join him in a painful death! He should be ashame of himself for bringing us that vermin!!!! *breathes in and out* Been dying to rant about how much I despise that little boy! By the way the morons children who adore him hacked into woman who won over him wiki page. I should hack into Butthead Beaver page and eff it up! The sound of his name makes me sick! I'm sooooo sick of hearing it and seeing him! Anyway...

Gaga came in huge egg on the red carpet and I was like WTF? I was expecting her to get with this insane outfit though, but she stayed in the dumb thing for the whole red carpet. Was extremely disappointed. Then she finally gets out of the thing on stage and her outfit is normal almost. Like we waited for you to come out in this outrageous outfit like you aways do and you come out looking like every other artist who graced the stage? Seriously, how can let down everyone who looks forward to your wackiness! Such a let down and the performance was average.

You would think Gaga would take the cake in insane outfits like I said, but someone else took her spot. It was Cee lo who won insane outfit of the night for me. He look like a gay peacock! Like he totally stole that from Elton John closet. I seriously could not get over that! Like ROFL!!!! Then I was expecting Gwyneth to come out with a feather inspired outfit on and she look freaking normal! Like Cee Lo, did you lose a bet or something? Then I literally died when he stood up. He's already has a round shape, so feathers on him was just so wrong on so many levels! My father was literally crying laughing at him. Such a strange and amusing sight.

Well then Nicki Minaj was dress odd as usual. Some cheetah getup. Just seem like she was trying to hard, but meh.

My favorite performances were from Katy Perry, Muse, and the Aretha Franklin tribute. Katy Perry showed her wedding video though on the screen as she performed and my heart literally melted! Was sooooo sweet and cute! I was like awwwwwwwwwwww! Awwww, was my exact words. I think I'm probably the only one who adores Katy and Russel together. Russel Brand, by the was so funny on SNL the other night! Been awhile since I laughed that much at that show and I've always liked him when he first hosted the MTV awards. Anyway, the whole performance was so cute. As for Muse, they impress to the point I may have give them a more listen too. As for the the tribute, all the ladies did a amazing job! Chirstina look a bit of mess with all the makeup on her face and she almost fell, but her voice was strong as ever.

The whole grammy night get's a B-, and went up a grade for the sheer Beaver loss! He look shock when he loss. Bwahaha! It was a win for me! :P

Late night rambles. Had to post my thought before going up. Night!

P.S. Someone please tell Rihanna to stop with the red hair FFS!!! It's getting old and was never cute on her, so please just stop it! >_>


  1. I didn't watch the grammys but I watched some of the highlight clips from it.
    I love Katy & Russel together too, i think they are too cute :)

  2. All I knew was that bieber lost, and that raging bieber fans have vandalized some chicks (I'm guessing the girl who beat him?) wikipedia page in retaliation ROFL

  3. I was fine with the night but I was soooo sad when Florence + The Machine didn't get Best New Artist >.<

  4. I just listening to Florence + The Machine. She's amazing. Yeah, I was a bit dissapointed too, but oh well.

    Beaver's cult of girls need to get a life and find real music. And yes I purposely spell his name wrong. Bwhahaha!

  5. @Ellide I kno. I felt all warm and fuzzy after Katy's performance. <3 :)


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