Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why is everyone so cranky over a ep that's not officially released yet?

When EA lists everything Sims 3 Generations has, I will make my judgement on it. Saying it's horrible right now is waaaayyyy too early. I must admit earlier today when I read about it, I was like um...really EA? I would prefer Season or pets, but who knows what EA is adding with this ep. Could be a completely different and wonderful idea. Yes EA has a 90% chance of giving us a shitty ep, but that's not yell at them just yet. Save your energy for when it announced and you have a billion glitches in your game, because of a new patch. Then I might join you in being cranky! ;)

Note: If you been hiding under a rock or too busy to read anything Sim related today, the ep is going be called Sims 3 Generations. Offers new interactions with kids, teens, adults like pulling pranks, and treehouses so far! Woo! ...meh, trying to stay positive. :/


  1. people just like complaining. 'wah wah wah, it doesnt have all the things i want'
    yeah well thats life. im pretty much going to be excited about ANY ep, either way, i dont really care whats in it. i know they will give us what we want eventualy. the same people bitching about it not being weather or pets are probalby all the same people who last month said they wanted fresh new ideas.
    well, now you have one! and really, we have NO idea what in this EP.. it WAY too early to start bitching about it.

  2. I know im starting to get sick of reading
    Its getting really annoying, who knows seasons may well be included in this EP

  3. Treehouses sound like a summer activity to me, so who knows really.

    Either way, I likely ain't buyin' it. The glitches in these games have been way past ridiculous for a long ass time. I really don't feel like having to do a system recovery, or a remove/re-install just because EA can't take 10 minutes to properly test.

  4. I really hope pets or season are in this one, but if not I'll just wait it out again. I know whinning about it on the forums isn't going make it appear suddenly. I can see it if we had a full list of features, but we got like 2 from google FFS. I bet the people at EA are shaking their heads saying geez. No need to rush them with all the glitches we get with each ep either.

    I will probably wait and buy it in July for my birthday if neither seasons or pets are it. If it just so happens to have any of those features, then I'll make it a early birthday present. :P

  5. Too add I would like the ep (as is so far) if I was into playing families still like for ts2. Maybe this ep will get me back into that, but right now I would only buy it for new interactions. Hopefully they add some new romantic ones too.

  6. I'm not going to lie, when I first saw the name of the EP I thought "Oh! Generations.... like what we already have??" But if it adds more interactions with kids and teens I am all for it! My game needs it desperately because right now I tend to age children up quickly. If I don't, they're stuck doing homework and other mundane tasks until the time finally comes for them to grow up. I like the idea of tree houses and pranks and the like!

    But of course, we will just have to wait and see.

  7. I don't think they're cranky, I think some just look for an excuse to argue and flame.


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